Fundamental Courses

Develop new skills and highlight your value with these affordable, self-paced professional development courses.

Fundamental courses are self-paced, taught by subject matter experts, and provide professional development opportunities in a short period of time. Some courses will help to prepare you to take professional certification courses.

Business Fundamental Courses

COURSE Tuition Register
Project Management Suite $499 Register for Project Management Suite
Digital Marketing Suite $499 Register for Digital Marketing Suite
Business Communications Suite $499 Register for Business Communications Suite
Writing Essentials $349 Register for Writing Essentials
Accounting Fundamentals Series $399 Register for Accounting Fundamentals Series
Six Sigma Quality Suite $449 Register for Six Sigma Quality Suite
Human Resource Management Suite $499 Register for Human Resource Management Suite
Basic Computer Skills Suite $499 Register for Basic Computer Skills Suite

Information Technology Fundamental Courses

COURSE Tuition Register
Introduction to Cybersecurity $399 Register for Introduction to Cybersecurity
Computer Networking Suite $499 Register for Computer Networking Suite
Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5 $349 Register for Creating Mobile Apps
Java Developer Suite $499 Register for Java Developer Suite
SQL Series $399 Register for SQL Series
Web Design Value Suite $499 Register for Web Design Value Suite

Health and Medical Fundamental Courses

COURSE Tuition Register
Human Anatomy and Physiology (Self-Paced Tutorial) $349 Register for Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach (Self-Paced Tutorial) $349 Register for Medical Terminology
Spanish for Medical Professionals (Self-Paced Tutorial) $349 Register for Spanish for Medical Professionals
Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant $349 Register for Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant
Explore a Career in Medical Coding (Self-Paced Tutorial) $349 Register for Explore a Career in Medical Coding