Our expert staff is caring, inspiring, and committed to your success and career goals. We give you the confidence, resources, and skills to obtain a rewarding job after graduation by connecting you to employers who want to hire TU students.

Career Center Operations

Lorie Logan-Bennett

Lorie Logan-Bennett, M.A.

Assistant Vice President Career Services, Liaison to Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research
Phone: 410-704-2386

Lorie has the privilege working with a talented and dedicated Career Center team focused on connecting students to their futures. This work, directly connected to the Presidential Priority of a Lifelong Career Center, includes oversight and strategy for external relations, career education, experiential learning and operations.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Input, Achiever, Individualization, Learner, Analytical
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Pets: our fun terrier-mix mutt, Chapo (@365_days_of_Chapo on Instagram for anyone who wants to take a look)
I enjoy: audiobooks and podcasts, trivia and word games, running, yoga, warm weather – and hanging out with my husband Chris and teenage sons, Quinn and Aiden
The most interesting place I traveled: ice caves in Iceland and flying at the speed of sound on the Concord

Keith Jones portrait
TU Alumnus, First-Generation College Student

Keith Jones, M.S.

Assistant Director, Marketing and Technology
Phone: 410-704-4838

Keith and his team of marketing interns help promote career-related events and services to students through a combination of print, online, and social media. He also manages Handshake, maintains the Career Center website, and serves on numerous university marketing committees.

Pronouns: He/Him/His 
Strengths: Achiever, Maximizer, Learner, Responsibility, Consistency
Hometown: White Marsh, MD
Pets: We have a loving tabby cat named Samson and a Siberian Husky named Julie
First job after graduation: Junior Graphic Designer at Legg Mason
I enjoy: spending time with my wife, Sophie, and two young children, Lorelai and Reed


Emily Tipton
Retired Student-Athlete (Swimming, Virginia Tech)

Emily Tipton, M.Ed.

Assistant Director, Assessment and Strategic Planning
Phone: 410-704-2730

In a nutshell, Emily gathers feedback from TU students and employers to help the Career Center to better plan for the future. The information she gathers helps the Center decide which services to offer to students and alumni, and how to better connect employers to the TU community.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Restorative, Individualization, Futuristic, Relator, Harmony
Hometown: Bel Air, MD
Favorite Quote: “You just have to accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.”  – David Brent
Fun fact about me:  I have been to over 20 music festivals Austin City Limits was the best and the Gorillaz put on the best show I’ve ever seen
First job after graduation: Marketing and Website Assistant for a company that sold gemstones, dinosaur fossils and art from around the world

Career Education & Advising

Casey Miller
TU Alumna, Member of Kappa Delta- Alpha Rho Chapter 

Casey Miller, M.A.

Associate Director, Career Education, Liaison to New Student & Family Programs
Phone: 410-704-4840

Casey provides oversight and strategic planning to all career education efforts and programs including coaching and counseling, the Career Communities, and managing the Personal Life and Career Planning course.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths:  Individualization, Arranger, Empathy, Developer, Maximizer
Hometown: Chestertown, MD
Pets: a hound mix named Pepper who has a lot of personality!
First job after graduation: I went straight to graduate school (at TU!) and completed my clinical internship as a youth and family mental health counselor specializing in social skills training.
Fun fact about me: I went hot air ballooning over the Grand Tetons

Marcy Lightfoot

Marcy Lightfoot

Career Coach – Media, Arts, and Communication (MAC), Liaison to Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility
Phone: 410-704-5425

Marcy provides targeted resources for those pursuing careers in media, arts and communication related fields. She works with students one-on-one regarding career planning tools and exploration.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths:  Input, Connectedness, Woo, Includer, Communication
Hometown: York, PA
Favorite Quote: “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln
Pets: a dog, three cats, a Guinea pig, and a frog
I enjoy: exercising and attending cultural events


Sara Harrison

Sara Harrison

Career Coach – Health and Wellness, Liaison to Center for Student Diversity
Phone: 410-704-5087

Strengths:  Harmony, Maximizer, Developer, Consistency, Adaptability
Hometown: Lothian, MD
Favorite Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Pets: One stubborn but loveable black and white Paint horse named Dice.
I enjoy: brick-oven pizza, spending time with Dice, reading, car karaoke sessions and being outside


Danielle Brower
 TU Alumna, First-Generation College Student

Danielle Brower, M.S.

Career Counselor, Liaison to Counseling Center
Phone: 410-704-5085

Danielle works with students individually and in groups around major and career decision making. She also teaches the EDUC 121 Life and Career Planning course and co-supervises our Career Peer Advisors.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Harmony, Individualization, Consistency, Discipline, Achiever
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
First job after graduation: Sales Manager at a futon store
I wish more students knew: No career journey is a straight line and while it may feel like everyone else has life figured out, most people don’t!
The most interesting place I traveled: Iceland

External Relations

Manette Zinkand portrait

Manette Zinkand

Associate Director – External Relations
Phone: 410-704-4839

Top 5 Strengths: Positivity, Woo, Activator, Arranger, Includer


Tia Howard
First-Generation College Student, Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Tia M. Howard

Career Coordinator Financial Literacy & Off-Campus Employment, Liaison to Financial Aid
Phone: 410-704-4842

Tia works with the Financial Literacy Working Group to create education and awareness around various financial topics. Tia also serves as a member of the External Relations Team and works with the local community to promote part-time off-campus employment regardless of student financial need.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Restorative, Individualization, Context, Futuristic, Learner
Hometown: Bayonne, New Jersey
First job after graduation: HIV Counselor at Hyacinth AIDS Foundation
Favorite Quote: “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin
I wish more students knew: the power of introducing themselves when they sit next to someone they don’t know. Creating a strong community is important. This is one of the best times in your life to do it.


Sheila Tilghman

Sheila Tilghman, M.S.

Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 410-704-3667

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Developer, Intellection, Learner, Empathy, Relator
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Pets: A lazy cat named Cupcake
Favorite Quote: “There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela
The most interesting place I traveled: Nassau, Bahamas


Sidney Pink

Sidney Pink

External Outreach Coordinator – Media, Arts and Communication (MAC)
Phone: 410-704-6093

Sidney is an artist-administrator that manages employer and alumni relationships for the Towson University Media, Arts & Communication (MAC) Career Community. In collaboration with the MAC Career Coach, he cultivates a college-wide career community through site visit opportunities, network expansion, job/internship obtainment, newsletters, and mentoring.

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Strengths: Connectedness, Learner, Achiever, Discipline, Futuristic
Hometown: Hagerstown, MD
I enjoy: skiing, watching old sci-fi movies, and working in my art studio.
Fun fact about me: I perform in a community-based water ballet group called Fluid Movement.
The most interesting place I lived: Japan for 4 years.

Suphitha "Mook" Phawapoothanon

Suphitha "Mook" Phawapoothanon

Graduate Assistant - External Outreach Coordinator for STEM Career Community
Phone: 410-704-2233

Internships and Experiential Education

Glenda Henkel portrait
TU Alumna, First-Generation College Student

Glenda Henkel, M.Ed., M.S.

Associate Director – Experiential Learning, Liaison to College of Education and Honors College
Phone: 410-704-2932

Glenda and her team promote and support policies, best practices and student opportunities for experiential learning campus wide. As liaison to the College of Education, Glenda prepares teacher interns for the job search process and coordinates teacher recruitment. As liaison to the Honors College, she collaborates on programs that support undergraduate research and promote the grad school application process.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Achiever, Connectedness, Learner, Input, Includer
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
I enjoy: attending/watching sporting events, reading, music/choral singing
First job after graduation: middle school reading/language arts teacher
The most interesting place I traveled: Italy

Katie Woerdeman portrait

Katie Pluemer, M.S., MBA

Assistant Director of Student Employment, Liaison to College of Business & Economics and Academic Advising
Phone: 410-704-4659

Katie oversees policies and procedures as it pertains to on-campus student employment through workshops, trainings and the creation of applicable resources for students and managers. She also supports students in 1:1 career advising meetings for resume and cover letter writing, job and internship strategies and mock interviews.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Discipline, Deliberative, Harmony, Analytical, Empathy
Hometown: Hillsborough, NC
Pets: a grumpy Brussel Griffon/Maltese mix named Riley and an energetic Aussiedoodle named Lincoln
First job after graduation: Admissions Counselor for my alma mater: East Carolina University
Fun fact about me: I spent 16 days in London teaching a class for Towson University


Leah Fondersmith
 Studied Abroad

Leah Fondersmith, M.A.

Experiential Learning Coordinator, Career Coach, Liaison to Athletics
Phone: 410-704-3224

Leah helps students with their resumes, interviewing skills, job/internship searching strategies and more through 1:1 advising appointments. She also coordinates the Tiger L.E.A.P. job shadowing program and serves as the liaison to Athletics through a variety of student athlete targeted career events.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Strengths: Positivity, Developer, Learner, Empathy, Input
Hometown: Towson, MD
Pets: I may or may not be obsessed with my Bengal cat, Sailor. She looks like a snow leopard and plays fetch!
Fun fact about me: I play the villain in a horror movie that is now streaming on Amazon Prime.
The most interesting place I traveled: Still to this day would be my study abroad experience in Australia!

Student Employees

  • Lina Aldulaimi, Career Peer Advisor
  • Kameryn Brinkley, Career Peer Advisor
  • Amy Fondersmith, Career Peer Advisor
  • Marissa Pixler, Career Peer Advisor
  • Adrian Battle, Marketing & Videographer Intern
  • Emma Campbell, Public Speaking Intern
  • Aaliyah Philippe-Auguste, Student Assistant