Tiger Mentor Network

One of the best ways to discover whether a career will be a good fit is talk to people who are doing the work that you think you want to do.

Illustration of people networking
Tiger Mentor Network helps you connect with professionals in careers that interest you so you can learn from them and grow your personal network.

Are you looking for a mentor? The Tiger Mentor Network will connect you with TU alumni who can offer relevant career advice while helping you build your professional network.

Your relationship with your mentor can be as connected as you like. Ask a quick question over email, talk over the phone or meet in person for an informational interview. Or you may even develop a longer-term, more formal mentor connection.

When you join, you will be able to:

  • Connect with TU alumni in various industries
  • Establish mentor relationships with TU alumni
  • Access educational/career resources and discussions

Find your mentor today by signing in to the Tiger Mentor Network with your TU NetID.

I entered my junior year of undergraduate education knowing I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but unsure of my path. The Career Center helped keep me on track, putting me in contact with industry professionals which helped lead me to a more organized, and focused pursuit of my dream career. ”

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