Internships & Jobs

Students who graduate with internships and related experiences are more likely to find employment upon graduation.

Recent polling from the Towson University Career Center showed that most TU graduates (81 percent) reported their internship experiences helped them determine their career direction. And, most employers (93 percent) prefer candidates with internships and related experiences.

Get an Early Start

Internships and Experiential Learning


Depending on your course load and where you want to intern, you can complete an internship during the academic semester or over summer break.

The earlier you start gaining experience, the better.

Learn more about the different types of internships and how they can advance your career. 


Finding a Job

Get the resources you need to move your job search forward.

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Resumes and Cover Letters

Preparing a quality, effective resume and cover letter requires thought, time and effort. Our tools will help you through the process. 

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Networking & Career Conversations

Networking and informational interviews can offer invaluable insights into the fields that interest you. These tools can help you find the right starting point.

More About Career Conversations

First Destination Outcomes

All graduating undergraduate students are encouraged to share their post-graduation plans by taking the Graduating Student Survey. This information is vital for the Career Center to help support students achieve their post-graduation career goals.

Employer Partners

Towson University partners with local, regional and national employers who want to hire TU graduates. 

Learn more about their career opportunities today.