The Career Center offers women resources and advice to help guide them in their career development and within the workplace.

Student presenting at Stanley Black and Decker
Isabella Rodriguez extended her internship at Stanley Black & Decker by presenting a creative and strategic campaign for a CRAFTSMAN launch event.

Career Leadership & Advancement

Although women enter the workforce at higher rates than men, they are often underrepresented in key leadership roles. Because diverse teams are critical to effectiveness and performance, women need to seek opportunities for leadership, including advancement into executive roles. Keys to advancement include, of course, competence and a record of strong performance, but also a connection to mentors and sponsors and confidence anchored in a recognition of your value and your unique approach to leadership.

What is the pay gap?

The difference between what an average woman working full-time is paid compared to the average man. American women earn only 80 percent of their male counterparts, a pay gap of 20 percent. Black and Hispanic women earn even less. Even just one year out of college, women are paid 18 percent less than men.*

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Women-Friendly Workplaces

As you evaluate potential employers, look for signs that the organization is supportive of women. Qualities such as parental leave, gender-diverse boards and executives, flexible work schedules, and employee affinity groups are potential indicators.

On-Campus Resources

Sexuality and Gender Diversity

The Sexuality and Gender Diversity Program coordinates campus programming which addresses the unique needs of women college students by providing a space for all students to discuss issues of gender, and building the leadership capacity of women students. Look for details on the annual Women in Leadership Conference, held each fall.

Women in Science Program

The Women in Science Program creates a cooperative and women-friendly learning and working environment for both students and faculty while increasing the enrollment and retention of female students in the experimental sciences.

Women’s Leadership Collective

The Women’s Leadership Collective at Towson University provides leadership skills and experience to women throughout their academic and professional lives—while creating a collective of women supporting women.

Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity

Learn how the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity is striving to create a more diverse and inclusive campus at TU.

Women’s Faculty & Staff Association

The Women’s Faculty & Staff Association brings together TU women in order to enhance the status of women and to foster networking among women.

“ If you are going into the government or politics you must be willing to be pushed past your limits. This will only make you a better person and teach you that you are stronger than you think and wiser than you know. ”

Omnia Shedid

Additional Resources

Use the navigation links to explore intersectionality through additional identity-based resources.

*Source: American Association of University Women (AAUW)