The Career Center provides career services formulated to support students of all sexual orientations/identities and gender/gender expressions. We offer women resources and advice to help guide them in their career development and within the workplace.

Student meeting with Career Center advisor
We offer women resources and advice to help guide them in their career development and in the workplace.

We recognize, respect, and integrate students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, experiences, and perspectives into quality career development and planning. Our events, resources, and opportunities are designed to ensure that all students have equal access, regardless of culture, national origin, race/ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation/identity, and gender/gender expression. Students who identify with particular groups can have unique challenges when choosing a major or career, interviewing for positions, and transitioning into the work world.

In addition to the resources below, career counselors/advisors are available to answer questions and provide guidance.

If you are going into the government or politics you must be willing to be pushed past your limits. This will only make you a better person and teach you that you are stronger than you think and wiser than you know. ”

Omnia Shedid

Additional Resources on Campus

Women’s Resources Program

The Women’s Resources Program exists as the central contact for resources and support for women on campus. The Women’s Resources Program in the Center for Student Diversity is responsible for coordinating campus programming that addresses the unique needs of female college students, providing a space for all students to discuss issues of gender, and building the leadership capacity of female students. The Women's Resources Program offers a safe space on campus where women of all ages, physical conditions, sexual identities, spiritual beliefs, and ethnic origins can realize their full potential.

Professional Leadership Program for Women

The Professional Leadership Program for Women  is designed for women who are committed to increasing their capacity for leadership and influence. Designed by business, community, and educational leaders, the program provides hands-on practical learning and coaching in a supportive environment. Each session builds on insights and skills developed from previous sessions culminating in enhanced skills, added self-confidence, and the capacity to immediately impact their organizations and communities in a powerful and positive way.

Women in Science Program

The Women in Science Program looks to create a cooperative and female-friendly learning and working environment for both students and faculty while increasing the enrollment and retention of female students in the experimental sciences. Additionally the program looks to develop leadership skills for career development and enhance recruitment, mentoring, retention and visibility of female faculty in the natural, physical, mathematical and computing sciences with an emphasis on those fields where women are underrepresented.

Other Resources