Devon A. Dobrosielski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Devon A. Dobrosielski, Ph.D.

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Burdick Hall 121 K
Tue & Thur 11:00am-12:00pm
& by appointment

Since 2004, Dr. Dobrosielski has been assessing vascular function and structure using noninvasive imaging techniques; first, as a doctoral student at LSU, during which time he was investigating the impact of vascular health on physical function in older adults; second, as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University where he served as a co-investigator an NIH sponsored project to evaluate variations in genes in the NO pathway and their relationship to ischemic stroke and subclinical endothelial dysfunction, and third, as an Instructor on ongoing diet and exercise clinical trials at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. While at Hopkins he established a collaborative partnership with investigators in Pulmonary Medicine and learned to appreciate the significant impact sleep apnea has on cardiovascular health and weight control. His research agenda includes examining whether exercise can serve as an effective countermeasure to vascular impairment commonly observed in the presence of disturbed sleep. In 2014, Dr. Dobrosielski was honored as a Junior Fellow by the Towson University Academy of Scholars to study the prevalence of sleep apnea in collegiate football players. He is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a clinical exercise physiologist and has over 12 years of experience implementing exercise programs for clinical populations. Dr. Dobrosielski is the Faculty Director for the “Peru: Life at the Top” study abroad program which is designed to provide students with experiential knowledge of the challenges, responses and factors of exertion affected by high altitude. His commitment to improving the health and vitality of the surrounding community is demonstrated through the development of undergraduate research programs and outreach initiatives.

Select Publications

  • Dobrosielski DA, Guadagno M, Phan P. The Association Between Regional Fat Distribution and Acute Mountain Sickness in Young Hikers. Sports Medicine International Open. 2017; 2: E74-E79.
  • Dobrosielski DA, Papandreou C, Salas Salvado J, Patil S. Diet and exercise in the management of obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease risk. European Respiratory Review. 2017; Jun 28;26(144).
  • Dobrosielski DA. STOP-BANG Questionnaire to Screen Sleep-Disordered Breathing for FootballPlayers: Methodological Validity-Reply. Respiratory Care. 2016;61(11):1565-1566.
  • Papandreou C, Patil S, Dobrosielski DA. Focusing on Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Treatment of Obtructive Sleep Apnea and its Cardiovascular Complications. J of Respiratory Research. 2016;2(2):41-43.
  • Dobrosielski DA, Patil S, Schwartz AR, Bandeen-Roche K, Stewart KJ. Effects of Weight Loss and Exercise Training in Older Adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2015;47(1):20-26.
  • Dobrosielski DA, Barone Gibbs B, Chaudhari S, Ouyang P, Silber HA, Stewart KJ. Effect of exercise on abdominal fat loss in men and women with and without type 2 diabetes. BMJ Open. 2013;3(11): e003897.
  • Dobrosielski DA, Patil SP. Weight loss and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: What Lies AHEAD? SLEEP. 2013;36(5):627-629.

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Dr. Dobrosielski is a member of the Towson University Institutional Review Board and the College of Health Professions Faculty Development Committee. He regularly reviews manuscripts for Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and SLEEP and serves on the Research Committee for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine

Courses taught
KNES 313 Physiology of Exercise
KNES 469 Research Methods