Jessica Braunstein-Minkove, Ph.D.


Associate Professor

Jessica Braunstein-Minkove, Ph.D.

Contact Info

Burdick Hall, 121 C
T/TH 11:00am-12:30pm
or by appointment


Ph.D., Health and Human Performance: Sport Management, Marketing concentration, University of Florida, 2006

MESS, Exercise and Sport Sciences: Sport Management, University of Florida, 2002

B.S., Recreation, Parks, and Tourism: Leisure Services Management, University of Florida, 2000

Areas of Expertise

Sport Marketing
Sport Consumer Behavior
Branding in Sport
Student Pre-Professional Development

Jessica R. Braunstein, PhD, is an Associate Professor and the Sport Management Internship Coordinator at Towson University. Her research interests focus on two distinct areas. First, Dr. Minkove assesses consumer behavior in sport, specifically examining activities that organizations engage in to impact consumer’s perceptions of the brand. Additionally, from a pedagogical perspective, she examines programmatic functions and alterations that enhance the student learning experience with a focus on pre-professional preparedness. As such, she has published in such journals as Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Education Journal, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Sport, Business, and Management: An International Journal, Sport Management Review, Journal of SPORT, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship and Journal of Contemporary Athletics.

Select Publications

  • Braunstein-Minkove, J. R., & Metz, J. L. (in review). Sport momsumers: A modern reexamination of the role that mothers play in their family’s (professional) sport consumption. Journal of Applied Sport Management
  • Cianfrone, B. A., Braunstein–Minkove, J. R., & Tavormina, A. L. (accepted, Aug. 1, 2018). Examining the sport daily deal: An assessment across industry segments. International Journal of Sport Communication
  • DeLuca, J. R., & Braunstein-Minkove, J. R. (2016). An evaluation of sport management student preparedness: Recommendations for adapting curriculum to meet industry needs. Sport Management Education Journal, 10(1), 1-12
  • Lee, J. S., Kwak, D. H., & Braunstein-Minkove, J. R. (2016). Coping with my favorite athlete’s immoral behavior: Roles of fan identification and moral emotions on moral reasoning strategies. Journal of Sport Management, 30(2), 176-191
  • Braunstein-Minkove, J. R., & DeLuca, J. R. (2015). Effectively adapting the sport management curricula: Harnessing internal and external resources to address industry-specific needs. Schole: AJournal of Leisure Studies & Recreation Education, 30(2), 12-30


  • Abeza, G., Braunstein-Minkove, J. R., O’Reilly, N. (May/June, 2019). The role of social media influencers in sport branding: Unfamiliar brands in familiar markets. Submitted for presentation (free communication) at the 2019 North American Society for Sport Management Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA
  • Braunstein-Minkove, J. R., & Metz, J. L. (June, 2018). Mommy bloggers, inc.: The role of (personal and professional) social influencers and influencer marketing in family sport consumption. Presented (free communication) at the 2018 North American Society for Sport Management Annual Conference, Halifax, NS
  • Metz, J. L., & Braunstein-Minkove, J. R. (May, 2018). Sports and family time: The motivations and barriers in the modern family’s consumption of professional sports. Presented (free communication) at The International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2018), Urbana, IL
  • Braunstein-Minkove, J. R., & Schaffer, J. (June, 2017). The (new) family market in sport: A modern reexamination of the sporting family construct to eliminate stereotypes and meet demand. Presented (poster) at the 2017 North American Society for Sport Management Annual Conference, Denver, CO
  • Braunstein-Minkove, J. R., & DeLuca, J. R. (May, 2016). Preparedness & profession: Analysis of sport management alumni career trajectories. Presented (free communication) at 2016 North American Society for Sport Management Annual Conference, Orlando, FL


  • Consumer behavior in sport, specifically branding and the Match-Up Hypothesis in terms of the use and/or effectiveness of, the product as a whole, athlete endorsers, and/or sponsorships. Dr. Minkove is interested in examining the development, and potential affect, of brand personality on the consumption habits of sport consumers (e.g., athletic star power, brand development, niche marketing, etc.)
  • Dr. Minkove's time in academia has developed into an interest in the student development process and how it can evolve to become, and remain, a platform for professional growth and success. As such, she has begun to explore both career and internship preparedness from both the student and industry professional's perspectives.


Dr. Minkove participates in service opportunities at the Discipline, University, College, and Department level


  • Sport Management Education Journal Editorial Board
  • Sport Marketing Quarterly Editorial Board
  • Sport Marketing Association Awards Committee
  • Professional Memberships:
    North American Society for Sport Management
    Sport Marketing Association


  • Cross-Campus Internship Collaboration Committee
  • Faculty Committee on Study Abroad
    Program Review/Selection Subcommittee (Chair)
  • Towson University Associate Professor Leadership Institute: 2016 Faculty Leadership Class
  • Towson University Assistant Professor Leadership Institute: 2007 Faculty Leadership Class


  • College of Health Professions - Fieldwork Coordinators Council
  • College of Health Professions - Leadership Class of 2014-2015


  • Kinesiology PTRM Committee (Merit & Reappointment Subcommittees)
  • Sport Management Committee

Courses Taught 

  • KNES 280 – Introduction to the Sports Industry
  • KNES 345 – Seminar and Field Experience in Sport Management
  • KNES 445 – Sport Management Internship
  • KNES 452 – Sport Marketing