Karla Kubitz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Karla Kubitz, Ph.D., FACSM

Contact Info

Burdick Hall, 131 B
M/W 2-3pm, Tues 1-2pm
Virtual Only: Friday 1-2pm


Ph.D., Exercise Science, Arizona State University, 1990

M.S., Human Development, University of Texas at Dallas, 1984

B.A., Education, University of West Florida, 1975

Areas of Expertise

Sport and Exercise Psychology
Motivational Interviewing
Team-based Learning

Karla Kubitz joined the Towson University Exercise Science faculty in the Department of Kinesiology in 1998. Dr. Kubitz’s teaching interests focus on the psychological aspects of sport and exercise. Her scholarly interests include understanding the psychophysiological aspects of sport and exercise, the electrophysiological determinants of cognitive fatigue, the efficacy of motivational interviewing, the importance of vision/ vision training, and the usefulness of the teaching technique, team-based learning. During her career, she has received Summer Faculty Research Fellowships in these areas from the Army, the Navy, and NASA. Dr. Kubitz is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and the Immediate Past-President of the Team-based Learning Collaborative.  She also serves Towson University as a Faculty Academic Center for Excellence, Faculty Affiliate.  

Select Publications

  • Dobrosielski, D. A. Kubitz, K., Park, H., Patil, S. P., & Papandreou, C.  (2021). The effects of exercise training on vascular function among overweight adults with obstructive sleep apnea.  Translational Sports Medicine, 00, 1-11.  
  • Kubitz, K., Roberts, C-M, Hunfalvay, M., & Murray, N.  (2020). A comparison of cardinal gaze speed between Major League baseball players, amateur prospects, and non-athletes.  Journal of Sports and Performance Vision, 2(1), e17-28.  
  • Murray, N., Kubitz, K., Roberts, C-M., Hunfalvay, M., Bolte, T., & Tyagi, A. (2019).  An examination of the oculomotor metrics within a suite of digitized eye tracking tests.  Vision Development & Rehabilitation, 5(4), 269-284.  
  • Kubitz, K.A.  (2018). Sport-related EEG activity:  What have we learned from a quarter-century’s worth of research?  In R. Carlstedt and M. Balconi (Eds.), Handbook of Sport Neuroscience and Psychophysiology (pp. 70-111).  New York, NY:  Routledge.
  • Trejo, L.J., Kubitz, K.A., Rosipal, R., Kochavi, R.L., & Montgomery, L. (2015). EEG¬ Based Estimation and Classification of Mental Fatigue. Psychology, 6, 572-589.  
  • Haidet, P., Kubitz, K., & McCormack, W.T. (2014). Analysis of the Team-based Learning Literature: TBL Comes of Age. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 25, 303-333.
  • Kubitz, K. (2014). TBL: The Evidence Please. In J. Sibley, P. Ostafichuk, L.K. Michaelsen, B. Roberson, B. Franchini, and K. Kubitz (Eds.), Getting Started with Team-based Learning (pp. 45-64). Herndon, VA: Stylus Publishing.·          


  • Psychophysiology of Sport and Exercise
  • Psychophysiology of Cognitive Fatigue
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Vision and Vision Training
  • Team-based Learning


  • Faculty Affiliate, Faculty Academic Center at Towson
  • Past-President, Team-based Learning Collaborative

Courses Taught 

  • KNES 355 Psychology of Sport 
  • KNES 359 Psychology of Sport Injury
  • KNES 361 Exercise Psychology