Kyle Leppert, M.A., CSCS

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Kyle Leppert, M.A.

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Kyle Leppert, MA, CSCS is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology within the College of Health Professions at Towson University. Leppert has worked in research and applications of exercise for health and performance for over a decade. As a student of exercise physiology at the University of North Carolina, he studied responses to exercise and environmental stress in healthy populations including trained athletes, as well as exercise for chronic disease and cancer. He continued his work in exercise testing and programming at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in support of research studies on the effects of exercise and diet in adults with metabolic diseases and sleep disorders.

Leppert has also amassed over a decade of work with athletes - as a sports performance coach, a speaker on nutrition and recovery for athletes, and as a coach of youth and high school lacrosse in the Baltimore area. He is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and continues to work directly in athlete development. In 2016, he traveled with students to Peru and spoke at an international symposium on topics of long-term athlete development and the role of sport in supporting life-long active health.

Leppert serves as a coordinator in the Towson Research Academy for Collaborative Sport Science (TRACS), administering performance testing and consulting for Towson University Athletics. In 2016, his collaboration in research of functional movement assessments among high school athletes was presented at the National Coaching Conference.

Select Publications and Presentations

  • Leppert, K., Lisman, P., Hildebrand, E., Parr, J., Higgins, M., Nadelen, M.. The Relationship between Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance Test Scores in High School and Middle School Football Players. June, 2016.
  • Leppert. K. "Youth Sports & Lifelong Fitness: Extending the benefits of early athletic development."I Simposio Internacional sobre actualización en Ciencias del Deporte y del Ejercicio. June, 2016


  • Activity and Sleep Monitoring in Student-Athletes
  • Functional Movement Screening: Predicting and Preventing Injuries in Middle School and High School Athletes
Courses taught
KNES 297 Foundations of Exercise Science
KNES 299 Resistance Training: Teaching & Technique
KNES 318

Scientific Foundations of Strength Training & Conditioning

KNES 328 Testing & Assessments of Athletic Performance
KNES 407 Advanced Principles of Strength and Conditioning