Lisa Custer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Contact Info

Burdick Hall, 121 J
M/W 10:00am-12:30pm
or by appointment.


Ph.D., Sports Medicine, University of Virginia, 2012

M.S., Sports Administration, Valparaiso University, 2005

B.S., Exercise Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2003

Areas of Expertise

Athletic Training
Injury assessment
Therapeutic rehabilitation

Lisa Custer, PhD, ATC, is an Associate Professor in the Athletic Training Program. She joined the Towson University Department of Kinesiology faculty in Fall of 2018. Prior to her appointment at TU, she was a faculty member at Kent State University. Her research interests focus on prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Her primary line of inquiry evaluates biomechanical and postural control alterations associated with lower extremity injuries. Dr. Custer has been a Certified Athletic Trainer for over 15 years.

Select Publications

  • Landers-Ramos RQ & Custer LE, Projected metabolic consequences of post-traumatic osteoarthritis and the aging population. Curr Geri Rep. Published online 12 January 2021.
  • Burcal CJ, Needle AR, Custer L, Rosen AB. The effects of cognitive loading on motor behavior in injured individuals: A systematic review. Sports Med. 2019; 49(8): 1233-1253.
  • Harper SA, Cooper-Bagley M, Custer L, McDaniel J. Comparison of peak torque and aerobic capacity asymmetries in the lower limbs. J Exercise Nutrition. 2019; 2(1): 5-12.
  • Chinn L, and Cosby NL. Reliability of three inclinometer positions for weight bearing dorsiflexion. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2018; 10(4): 181-187.
  • Chinn-Custer L, Peer K, Miller L. The effects of local vibration on balance, power, and self-reported pain following exercise. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. Accepted April 2016. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 27632847. DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2015-0125.
  • Herb CC, Chinn L, Hertel J. Altering shank-rearfoot joint coupling during gait with ankle taping in patients with chronic ankle instability and healthy controls. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2016; 25(1): 12-32.
  • Mettler A, Chinn L, Saliba S, McKeon PO, Hertel J. Effect of balance training on center of pressure location in subjects with chronic ankle instability. Journal of Athletic Training. 2015; 50(4): 343-349.
  •  Chinn L, Dicharry J, Hart J, Saliba S, Wilder R, Hertel J. Gait kinematics after taping in subjects with chronic ankle instability. Journal of Athletic Training. 2014;49 (3): 322-330.


  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Neuromuscular Control
  • Biomechanics

Courses Taught 

  • KNES 315 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 
  • KNES 359 Psychology of Sport Injury 
  • ATTR 565 Health Informatics and Quality Improvement
  • ATTR 623 Rehabilitative Care: Therapeutic Exercise
  • ATTR 701 Maximizing Rehabilitation Interventions