Luciana Zuest, Ph.D., CPH

Associate Professor


Contact Info

Burdick Hall, 121 Q
Wed 1 - 2pm or by appointment


Ph.D., Kinesiology- Coaching and Teaching Studies, West Virginia University, 2014

M.Ed., International Education, Framingham State University, 2009

B.A., Physical Education, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 2001

Areas of Expertise

Physical Education Curriculum and Instruction
Physical Activity in Public Health

Dr. Luciana Zuest is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Towson University. She is a teacher educator and certified in public health by the National Board of Public Health Examiners. With over 20 years of pedagogy experience, Dr. Zuest teaches courses focused on curriculum and instruction in health and physical education. Grounded in a socio-critical perspective, Dr. Zuest uses a range of methodologies to study weight stigma in order to create more inclusive climates within health and physical activity settings. She currently serves as a member of the SHAPE America Board of Directors and is the 31st Delphine Henna Lecturer with the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education.


Select Publications

  • Zuest, L. (2022) 31st Commemorative Delphine Hanna Lecture- Physical education and the quest for relevance in the age of precarity: Lessons from the weight inclusive thinking project (WIT). Quest, 74(2): 137-151
  • Zuest, L., Lee, S., Leedeman, J., & Clifford, D. (2022). Creating weight-inclusive climates in fitness spaces. Kinesiology Review, ahead of print DOI:
  • Zuest, L., Lee, S., Leedeman, J., Li, S., & Clifford, D. (2021). Promoting body size diversity in university recreation centers. Quest, 73(4): 357–374
  • Fan, X., Patton, K., Zuest, L., Buschner, C., & Himberg, C. (2021). Eye-opening experiences: Physical education teacher candidates' conference attendance. The Physical Educator, 78(4): 384-414.
  • Lee, S., Zuest, L., Leedeman, J, Li, S., & Clifford, D. (2021). Health and weight attitudes of university recreation center leaders. Journal of American College Health.
  • Zuest, L., (2020). Physical activity experiences of adolescent girls living in a rural community. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 28(2), 161-172. DOI:
  • Jones, E.M., Zuest, L., Bulger, S.M., Elliott, E., Cho, K., & Lilly, C. (2020). Initial findings of a multi-component school health intervention in rural Appalachia: The Greenbrier CHOICES Project. Health Education and Behavior, 47(2), 332-343.

Courses Taught 

  • KNES 310 Assessment in Physical Education
  • KNES 324 Teaching Physical Education in Elementary School