Resources for Faculty

You probably know that the Writing Center supports student writers in all stages of the writing process, but we also work directly with faculty to support their research, writing and teaching.

What Goes on in the Writing Center?

At the Writing Center, writers can get feedback from an interested reader to support the development and revision of any piece of writing. Our goal is to collaborate with writers of all skill levels, backgrounds, and disciplines to engage them more intentionally and strategically in the writing process. 

Our collaborative approach encourages writers to think strategically about the rhetorical situation and genre of their writing. Tutors and writers work together to identify moments in the text that will benefit from targeted revision and development, with an eye toward emphasizing the writer’s ideas and meeting the expectations of the genre and discipline in which the writer is working.

Language for Syllabus

Writers from all backgrounds and in all disciplines, no matter their level of skill, can benefit from the feedback of an interested reader. The TU Writing Center strives to provide this support for students, faculty, and staff in our campus community. A session at the Writing Center can help a blocked writer move forward, from any stage of the writing process! Writing Assistants provide targeted and personalized revision strategies to help writers rethink and revise their work in progress to achieve their highest potential. The Writing Center is located in LA 5330, and students can make in-person or online appointments by calling 410-704-3426.

Class Visits and Workshops

A Writing Center staff member will come to your class at any point during the semester to talk to your students about using the Writing Center. We will explain our approach to supporting the writing process, what happens during a session, and how to make an appointment. We will also answer any questions your students have. This visit takes about 15 minutes and can be adapted for online class meetings. 

If you prefer a more in-depth discussion about writing issues, you can request an in-class workshop with the Assistant Director for Faculty Outreach on general topics such as:

  • Drafting and revising
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Integrating quotations
  • Writing an Annotated Bibliography or Literature Review
  • Writing an Academic Summary
  • Analyzing genre characteristics 

Scholarly Writing Accountability Groups (SWAGs)

A SWAG is an active peer-led writing group for TU junior faculty that meets for 90-minutes, once a week over a 10-week period. Groups follow a structured agenda including 15 minutes of updates and goal-setting followed by 60 minutes of individual writing and then 15 minutes of reporting and wrap-up. Each group is limited to 8-10 members who commit to attending at least 8 out of the 10 weekly sessions. In a SWAG, there is no peer review of writing; SWAGs focus on the process of writing, not the content. SWAG members support one another to write with increased frequency and develop a sustainable writing habit. For more information, please join the Blackboard Community for Faculty Writing and Research Support, or contact the assistant director for faculty outreach.

Summer 2020 SWAG participants came from multiple programs and disciplines, including Communications, Audiology, History and Sports Medicine.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the program:

“The ability to hold a space on my calendar (and actually keep it!) was really valuable. I got more accomplished than I would have.” 

“In addition to the motivation, the faculty group, as a resource, was fantastic. As I went along and encountered issues, I could ask one or two pointed questions during check in, and I was able to move along immediately.”

“Everyone was so encouraging, it gave me confidence in my new endeavor. Great timing. Great colleagues. Great structure. Honestly, I cannot say enough positive stuff about this initiative.” 

To join the next Scholarly Writing Accountability Group, please contact E. Mairin Barney, .

Summer Writing Pedagogy Retreat

Each summer, the Writing Center sponsors a 3-day retreat on writing pedagogy. Topics include designing effective assignments, teaching in-class writing workshops, and responding effectively (and efficiently) to student writing. Participants can come from any discipline as long as they use writing in their classes. For more information, please contact E. Mairin Barney, .