Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Fellows program offers meaningful opportunities for collaboration between faculty and students in courses where writing is either the primary topic of instruction or mode of assessment. By embedding trained writing consultants in writing intensive courses, we aim to build a more positive, effective and supportive experience of academic writing for all students.

What are Writing Fellows?

Writing Fellows are tutors trained by the Writing Center and embedded in specific, writing-intensive courses. The goal of the program is to challenge strong writers and help struggling writers gain confidence through regular meetings with the fellow. Writing Fellows can also collaborate with faculty in developing and/or improving writing instruction, assignments, scaffolds, and rubrics. Because of their dual role as a partner to faculty and peer to students, Writing Fellows can also help professors better understand where students are struggling and assist students in understanding the expectations of faculty.

Who Can Have a Writing Fellow?

Writing Fellow partnerships work well in TSEM, Advanced Writing Seminar in any discipline, capstone writing courses in any undergraduate major, or any graduate-level courses that require writing. Fellowed courses should have a minimum of two revised writing projects.

What Can Writing Fellows Do?

Writing Fellows get paid to attend your class and may observe or participate in whatever way you and your Writing Fellow think most benefits your students. Writing Fellows can participate in class discussions, ask important questions about assignments and model other behaviors associated with academic success. 

The Writing Fellow’s primary function is to consult with students, one-on-one or in groups, on drafts of their writing projects. Students should meet with the Writing Fellow once every two weeks to get the most benefit. All students, regardless of skill and experience, should meet regularly with their Writing Fellow. The program is not a remediation method; rather, the goal is to engage all students more intentionally in writing as a process. To this end, Writing Fellows provide feedback from the perspective of an interested reader, assisting student writers in producing their best work.

Your Writing Fellow also works at the Writing Center, where they receive training in coaching students through the writing process. You can put this expertise to work in your class by asking your Writing Fellow facilitate in-class peer response workshops or provide direct instruction on topics related to writing. Writing Fellows can share their own drafts of similar assignments, provide useful strategies for revising specific essay elements, and/or lead activities designed to help students practice new writing moves. 

Faculty receive regular feedback from the Writing Fellows, who are well-positioned to let faculty know what students do and do not understand and where they are struggling with their writing. Because Writing Fellows are also students, they can provide useful feedback on course documents and help their faculty partners better address student questions.


Request a writing fellow

Please read the faculty handbook for the most recent academic semester and review the participation requirements.

Request a Writing Fellow by filling out this form.

All requests for a Writing Fellow must be submitted by August 1 or December 1 for the semester immediately following. While we do our best to accommodate every request, matches depend on student class schedules and availability.