Mildred Landrum-Hesser



Contact Information

LA 5302


Johns Hopkins University, The Writing Seminars, Fiction Concentration, M.A.
Towson University, English: Writing Concentration, B.A.
Spanish Literature, B.A.
International Learning Centres, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Certificate

Areas of Expertise

Creative Writing


Mildred Landrum-Hesser grew up in California and Maryland and lived for a time abroad, teaching in Japan. Over the span of her career she has worked in writing, editing, and teaching. Her fiction, poetry, articles, and essays have appeared in numerous publications, and she also plays and records music.


In progress:

Landrum,Cynthia, Ph.D. The Valley of the Kings: Rehabilitation of the People of the Columbia River and Pacific Rim through Ceremonialism. Vernon, B.C.: JCharlton Publishing, 2017. Print. (Served as assistant editor.)

Waterplanet. Ghost-Hypnotic. Self-release, 2016. CD. (Collaborative songwriter and musician.)


Her research consists of written and musical projects, solo and collaborative, in both fiction and non-fiction.


Her writing has appeared in:

Shirashin (Japanese/English journal, Kyoto, Japan); Unspoken: Voices in Modern Culture; The Pearl; Music Monthly; Influence: the Arts in Baltimore; In Motion Film and Video Magazine; Nada; Whomanwarp; Baltimore Music Review; The Towerlight; Seventeen.

Her music has appeared in:

Waterplanet band recordings: Ghost-Hypnotic; Here We Go!; Indie Anthems, Vol. 5 (compilation), WiFi PR; Buzzlighter 8 “Natural Anthems” (compilation), Shuteye Records; 2-headed monster; smokescreen; cindercone; under the rug; ACR studio sessions (remix Joe Natoli), 24-7 Records; undercurrent; WATERPLANET.

The Melvyn. “Drawn Lines.” Maryland Musicians for Music, Basement Floor Productions Records. CD.


Board, Towson Arts Collective

Maryland Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MDTESOL)

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)


Committee member: W. Frank Guess Award for Writing; Sander Distinguished Presidential Scholarship.

Student Prizes Committee, English Department

Courses Fall 2017

  • ENGL 102 Writing for a Liberal Education
  • ENGL 283 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 290 Honors Seminar in Literature