Family-Professional Collaboration Graduate Certificate

The family-professional relationship has evolved into an important area of competency. Discover how you can improve your communication and collaboration skills with families.

This interdisciplinary graduate program is designed to enhance the education and practice of professionals working in school, health and community settings. Courses within the program prepare you to apply principles of family-based practice in your professional work. If you are already employed in disciplines such as psychology, sociology, education and health care, you can advance your knowledge and research capabilities in family-related areas of study. The program will especially benefit professionals who need to enhance skills related to implementing public laws and policies that mandate active involvement of families in the development of education and health care plans for children with special needs.

Certificate Requirements

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Ideal for Working Professionals

The program’s flexibility makes it ideal to accommodate the demands of a working professional’s schedule. The certificate may be earned as a stand-alone if you do not wish to pursue a master's degree. The curriculum design is also intended to work with existing master's degree programs. Many graduate programs that offer up to nine units of electives can integrate this graduate certificate.

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