Undergraduate Programs

Our Undergraduate Programs

We offer undergraduate majors in family and human services and family science. A minor in family studies also is offered for students who wish to study families along with their major area of study. Students at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland may earn a bachelor's degree in family and human services, services to children and youth track or a minor in family studies.

Family and Human Services

Students majoring in family and human services choose one of four tracks: human services, services to children and youth, introduction to child life, or leadership in the nonprofit sector. Students in this major must complete prerequisites, required core courses, and specific courses for their chosen track. Students in each of the tracks also must complete at least one internship.

Family Science

Students majoring in family science are trained in the scientific methods used to understand family behavior. They learn to analyze the quality of family life through applied research. Family science students complete an advanced research methods course as part of their curriculum but do not complete internships.

If you still have questions about the similarities and differences between our two majors, read the Family Studies Online Catalog  and then contact us if you wish to discuss your questions with a family studies adviser.

Minor in Family Studies

Knowledge about families and working with families has emerged as a critical area of concern for health, social service, and education professionals. The minor in family studies is especially relevant for students studying in health professions, liberal arts, and education. Students must complete 21 units of coursework to earn this minor.

comparison of our two undergraduate majors

Are you uncertain about the similarities and differences between our two undergraduate majors? View the Family Studies Online Catalog 

Accelerated Programs

The department offers three accelerated bachelor’s to master’s programs: