Family & Human Services Major

Family and human services professionals impact individuals, families and communities.

The family and human services major provides students with knowledge of the factors that influences human behavior and the skills needed to provide services to a variety of individuals. Students will learn how to help individuals utilize their capabilities and reach their optimal level of functioning.

Family and human services majors may specialize in one of the following areas:


Human Services

The human services track prepares students for work that addresses issues impacting families across the lifespan.

Students interested in serving families through agency administration, legal and public policy, case management or direct service may choose this track.

Services to Children and Youth

Students interested in working with children outside of a classroom setting may choose the services to children and youth track.

This track gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of perspectives on issues impacting children, youth and families. Students may go on to work in a clinical setting, social services or other community settings. 

Introduction to Child Life

The introduction to child life track equips students interested in a career as a Certified Child Life Specialist. Child life promotes effective coping in children and families who are undergoing stressful medical experiences.

Students interested in becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist, may apply for the child life, administration and family collaboration (B.S. to M.S.) program in their junior year with this track.

Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector

The leadership in the nonprofit sector track is an interdisciplinary option that prepares students to work in leadership and administration of human service agencies. Students in this track are required to minor in business administration in order to also gain a secure business and leadership foundation.


Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions

You can view degree requirements and course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Capstone Course

Capstone experiences are integral to student success. In FMST 490 Family and Human Service Capstone: Methods in Family Life Education, students synthesize the knowledge and community experiences acquired during their academic career, culminating their experience in the family studies and human services major.

Family Life Educator Certification 

The family and human services major prepares students for provisional certification as a Family Life Educator (CFLE). Certification can be achieved through completion of two years of family life work experience following graduation. The CFLE credential is administered through the National Council on Family Relations.

Accelerated B.S./M.S.

The Department of Family Studies and Community Development offers two accelerated bachelor’s to master’s programs for this major. Accelerated programs allow you to begin your graduate education as an undergraduate, offering you the opportunity to save time and money while you advance your academic career. The combined B.S. in Family & Human Services/M.S. in Child Life, Administration & Family Collaboration enables students to substitute nine credits in the Master’s in Child Life, Administration & Family Collaboration program for undergraduate classes in the Family & Human Services major. The combined B.S. in Family and Human Services/M.S. in Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service enables students to substitute nine credits in the Master’s in Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service program for undergraduate classes in the Family and Human Services major.

why towson University?

  • Small classes taught by experienced faculty give students the opportunity to interact with instructors and fellow classmates.
  • Students build a portfolio of practical experience that complements coursework through internships and field placements at leading social service agencies, health care organizations, schools, and government entities. Choose your internship site from a list of more than 75 agencies in the Baltimore region.
  • The Towson University Student Council on Family Relations and the Child Life Club offer student-led opportunities to participate in service and fundraising events benefiting families and communities in the Baltimore area.

Program Available at TU in Northeastern Maryland

Harford Community College (HCC) students can earn a bachelor’s degree in family and human services, in the Services to Children and Youth Track, at TU in Northeastern Maryland.