Workshops & Conferences

We enrich students' educational experiences by offering several workshops each year.

Faculty and students at the annual Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relationships
 Faculty and students at the annual Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relationships.

Faculty Presentations

2017 National council on family relations annual conference

Eight Family Studies and Community Development faculty members will present at the 2017 National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) Annual Conference held from November 15, 2017 - November 18, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. 

Presentations from Towson faculty members:

  • Diane Hall and Mauren Todd will present a poster entitled Bisexual Individuals’ Perceptions of Bias from Family Members
  • Linda Oravecz, Shelly Kowalczyk, Suzanne Randolph, and Stephanie Alexander will present a poster entitled Breaking down health barriers for women and girls: Addressing health disparities through policy.
  • Bethany Willis Hepp, Katie Hrapczynski, and Cheryl Fortner-Wood will present a paper entitled Symbolic Interactionism: Advancing Adoption Theory, Research, and Practice at the Theory Contruction and Research Methodology (TCRM) workshop.
  • Neda Moinolmolki and Bethany Willis Hepp will present a poster  entitled Foreign-Born Student Perspectives on Family, Campus, and Community.
  • Amanda Ginter will present a poster entitled Disclosing a Breast Cancer Metastatic Recurrence to Family Members.
  • Susan Chuang, Robert Moreno, April Few-Demo will present a paper entitled Build the Wall!: The Trump Effect on Racial Socialization & Ethnic Identity.

2017 Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations Conference

Dr. Ebony Okafor, Dr. Katie Hrapczynski, Dr. Karen Doneker Mancini, & Dr. Bethany Willis Hepp from the Department of Family Studies & Community Development led roundtables at the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations Conference on April 7, 2017 at Hostetter Chapel, Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Willis Hepp led a roundtable focusing on various career options and future direction possibilities for family science majors. A roundtable led by Dr. Hrapczynski discussed the distinctions among the many different mental health professions, helping participants explore which path fits their career aspirations, values, and strengths. Dr. Doneker Mancini presented to faculty, students, and those working in human services on the laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. The importance of multicultural competence was highlighted by Dr. Okafor by addressing challenges and strengths for multicultural clients today.

Risk Management Workshop

Undergraduate students majoring in Family and Human Services who are enrolled in FMST 297 Pre-internship, FMST 397 Internship in Family and Human Services, or FMST 497 Advanced Internship in Family and Human Services are required to attend the annual Risk Management Workshop. The workshop is presented by mental health and/or substance abuse treatment professionals. The workshop content addresses critical topics for students in human services internships, including risk assessment, personal safety, self-care, clinical supervision and direction, crisis management, and diffusing anger.

Panel of Professionals

This professional development event is held in the fall and spring semesters for department juniors and seniors. Each semester several community professionals in various fields of human service work are included on the panel. They speak about their work and/or graduate school experiences and answer students' career-related questions. Some semesters the panel is comprised entirely of family studies alumni. 

Panelists from the Fall 2017 Panel:

  • Sara Bielecki: Assistant Director of Development for the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
  • Taylor Klingelhofer: Behavior Data Specialist at Kennedy Krieger Institute for Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program
  • Kayleigh Koehler: Certified Child Life Specialist at University of Maryland Children’s Hospital
  • Amanda Kesler: Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, Cancer to 5K Program Coordinator
  • Devan Barker: Cecil County Department of Social Services, Foster Care
  • Francesca Singleton: Social Worker, Sheppard Pratt in Ellicott City