Joseph Rudolph, Jr., Ph.D.



Contact Info

CLA 3210E


Ph. D. University of Virginia,
Government, 1971

M.A. University of Virginia,
Foreign Affairs, 1966

B.A. University of Virginia,
Highest Honors,
Political Science, 1964

Areas of Expertise

Comparative Politics
Ethnic Politics
Public Policy
International Relations


Professional Experience

  • Fulbright Professor, The American University in Kosovo, September, 2011-February 2012
  • Full Professor, Towson University, Department of Political Science, 1990 - Present
  • Fulbright Lecturer, Comenius University, Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, 1991 - 1992
  • Associate Professor, Towson University, Department of Political Science, 1984 - 1990
  • Associate Professor and Chair, University of Tulsa Department of Political Science. 1978-84
  • Summer Fellow, University of Keele, David Bruce Center for American Studies, 1983
  • Assistant Professor, University of Tulsa,, Department Political Science, 1970 - 1978
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Heidelberg College, Department of Government, 1969-70

Public Affairs Experience

  • Resource Person, Pacific Architecture and Engineering, REACT Division – Office of Democratization, Education, and Human Rights, 1997-present.
  • Election Supervisor for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), deployments include Ukraine Parliamentary Elections (2014), Macedonian Parliamentary Elections (2011) and local elections (2013), Kosovo Municipal and National Elections, 2000-2003, and in Bosnia-Herzegovina Municipal and National Elections, 1997-8.
  • Risk Analysis Consultant, Various Tulsa-Based Energy-Related Industries, 1974-1984.


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  • Rudolph, Joseph R., Jr., and William Lahneman, Co-editors and Principal Contributors. From Mediation to Nation-Building: Third Parties and the Management of Communal Conflict. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013).
  • Rudolph, Joseph R., Jr.. Hot Spot: North America and Europe.. (Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2008)
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Peer-Reviewed Articles (Partial Listing)
  • Rudolph, Joseph R., Jr. 1995. “Intervention in Communal Conflicts.” Orbis, 39 (Spring): 259-293.
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Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters (Representative Listing)
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Work in Progress, Preliminary Stage
  • Rudolph, Joseph R., Jr. Editor and Principal Contributor. Surviving Independence: the Morning After Successful Secessions (Chapter contributors to be primarily drawn from scholars in post-separatist states)
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Conference Activity, 21st Century

  • 2012. Central and East European International Studies Association, Krakow Poland, September 21-23. Chaired Panel entitled “Kosovo: Surviving Independence,” and presented introductory paper with same title as panel’s.
  • 2010. International Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, February 17-20.. Chaired Panel on “Reflections on Nation-Building, 15 Years After Dayton,” and served as discussant on two additional panels.
  • 2008. Second Global International Studies Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 23-26. Chaired Panel on “Third Party Management of Communal Conflict,” presented a paper entitled “Nation-building as deja vu: Measuring ‘Success’ in Third Party Management of Communal Conflict” on that panel, and Chaired a panel on “Security Cooperation.”
  • 2007. Seventh Convention of the Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA), Worclaw, Poland 23-25 May. Presented a paper entitled “Extra-Systemic Options and the Management of Ethnic Conflict in Europe: Coping with Kosovo,” and served as a discussant on another panel.
  • 2005. Meeting of the Research Committee on Politics and Ethnicity of the International Political Science Association, Budapest. Hungary, August 25-27. Presented a paper entitled “Patent Medicine: Reassessing the Tools for Managing Communal Conflict in the Age of Post-Conflict Institution-Building.”
  • 2005. Conference on “Pathways in Reconciliation and Global Human Rights,” Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, August 17-19. Presented a paper entitled “Facilitating Democratization and Human Rights Security: An Assessment of Third Party Involvement in Post-Communist Europe.”
  • 2003. International Studies Association/CEEISA Conference, Budapest, Hungary, June 27-29. Presented a paper entitled “National Self-determination, Transnational Terrorism, and European Supranationalism: Converging Pathways in Our Time.”
  • 2000. Central and Southeastern Europe International Studies Association Convention, Warsaw, Poland, June. Presented a paper entitled “Managing Ethnic Conflict in Post-Communist, Post-Civil War Europe.”
  • Program and Curriculum Development Experience
  • Member, Curriculum Evaluation Committee, Review Commissioned by Dukagjini College, Peta, Kosovo, November, 2011.
  • Assistant Chair, Department of Political Science, Towson University, 2011-present.
  • Chair, each Departmental Search Committee hiring in areas of Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Public Policy, 1995 - present.
  • Chair, Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1998 - 2011.
  • Member, Curriculum Committee, College of Liberal Arts, Towson University, 2009-2010
  • Fulbright Consultant on Curriculum Development, Department of Politology, Comenius University, Bratislava, 1991-2, with responsibilities also vis a vis other Slovak universities.
  • Chair, Department of Political Science and M.A. Program in Urban Studies, University of Tulsa, 1978 -1984.
  • Member, Southwestern Social Science Association Committee on the Profession, 1980-84

Other Professional Service

  • Manuscript reviewer for professional journals and commercial publishers.
  • Review books regularly for journals whose focus is ethnic conflict and conflict resolution.
  • Periodically serve as an Outside Evaluator in the tenure proceedings at other universities.

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • Courses Currently Offered (Annually or in a 3 Year Rotation):
  • Comparative Politics: Europe Comparative Public Policy: Developed World
  • Ethnic Conflict & Conflict Management Energy Politics and Policy
  • Terrorism and Political Violence Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Seminar on Democratization Introduction to International Politics