Judith Cruzado-Guerrero

Associate Professor

Judith Cruzado-Guerrero

Contact Information

5153 Building III
9630 Gudelsky Drive
Rockville, MD 20850


Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction (bilingual education and ESOL emphasis)

Areas of Expertise

Bilingual Education and ESOL, Family Engagement, Cultural Relevant Pedagogy, and Teacher Preparation


Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., & Martinez-Alba, G. (In press). Teaching English learners: Attitudes, beliefs, and sense of preparedness of preservice teachers. Literacy Issues and Practices.

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., Martínez-Alba, G., Mogge, S. (2017). ¡Hablo un poquito de Español! Strategies to develop a Spanish course using technology in PDS settings. School University Partnerships Journal, 10(3), 51-61. 

Mogge, S., Martinez-Alba, G., & Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., (2017). Supporting school responsiveness to immigrant families and children: A university-school partnership. TESL-EJ, 20(4), 1-10. 

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., & Martínez-Alba, G. (2017). Responding to shifting demographic contexts. In H. Malone (Ed.), The growing out-of-school time field: Past, present, and future. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 

Christenson, L., Daniels, J., Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R, Schroth, S., Dudiak, M., & Watson-Thompson, O. (2017). Providing Early childhood education teacher candidates diverse clinical understanding though professional development school experiences. In Dreon, O. (Ed). Teacher education for ethical professional practice in the 21st century (pp.). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. 

Cruzado-Guerrero, J., & Martinez-Alba, G.  (2016). Meaningful language and cultural experiences for future teachers.  In J. A. Rhodes & T. M. Milby (Eds.), Advancing Teacher Education and Curriculum Development through Study Abroad Programs (160 - 176). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.  

Martinez-Alba, G., & Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R.  (2016). Language teaching strategies: Five countries compared through study abroads. In J. A. Rhodes & T.M. Milby (Eds.), Advancing Teacher Education and Curriculum Development through Study Abroad Programs (198 - 213). Hershey, PA:  IGI Global.   

Martinez-Alba, G., & Cruzado-Guerrero, J. R. (Eds.). (2015). Wordless books: So much to sayAlexandria, VA: TESOL International Association. 

Recent Conferences

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (2018, March). Voices of Linguistically Diverse Teachers in Early Childhood PDS. Presented at National Association for Professional Development Schools. Jacksonville, Florida.  

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (2018, March). Fluency for All.  Presented at the International TESOL Convention. Chicago, Illinois. 

Martinez-Alba, G. & Cruzado-Guerrero, J. R. (2018, March). Re-thinking Your Online Instruction: Going from Zero to Hero. Presented at the International TESOL Convention. Chicago, Illinois. Convention.  

Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R. & Martinez-Alba, G. (December, 2017). The Growing Out-of-School Time Field: Part I. Afterschool Alliances: After school Webinar. Online.  

Christenson. L. Cruzado-Guerrero, J.R., & Daniels, J. (March, 2017). Opportunities to Prepare Teacher Candidates to Serve Children in Professional Development Schools in Urban Settings. Presented at the National Association for Professional Development Schools. Washington, DC.