Erin Isch

TU graduate student and English teacher Erin Isch exercises leadership in her high school.

Erin Isch

A teacher at Hammond High in Howard County, Erin Isch aims to move into school administration.

She picked Towson University’s Transformational Educational Leadership master’s to help her get there because of the program’s close connections with Howard County and the College of Education’s stellar reputation in the community.

“I have multiple colleagues who got their master’s at Towson,” says the English teacher, adding that they reported having excellent experiences.

Now, upon completion of  her second year, Isch agrees.

“The classes have been awesome,” she says, “especially the newly revamped ones that they rolled out this year.”

Isch is referring to courses like one on budgeting and finance, which she says is highly applicable because it prepares administrators to deal with budgets and financing on a day-to-day basis.

“ It was the most impactful learning I’ve ever been a part of. ”

Erin Isch

Along with relevant coursework, one of Isch’s favorite parts about the educational leadership program is its emphasis on opportunities to exercise leadership within your own school.

Isch was selected to receive TU’s Ronald S. Thomas Leadership Award, which enabled her and colleagues at Hammond to offer a first-of-its-kind Cultural Proficiency and Student Voice workshop series. Close to 50 staff, students and parents came together to have important conversations around race, equity and inclusion at Hammond. Teachers came away with a deeper understanding of the community they serve, while students were empowered by the chance to be heard.

Isch was inspired when those same high school students who had participated in the workshops led initiatives continuing the work, such as a rally called “Stop the Violence, Start a Conversation.”

“It was,” says Isch, “the most impactful learning I’ve ever been a part of.”

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