Zachary Greenbaum

Alumnus: Educational Leadership (M.S.) '15

Zac Greenbaum

Zac Greenbaum says his decision to attend graduate school at Towson University was one of the best he ever made.  

Just 13 days after receiving his master’s degree, Greenbaum was named the assistant principal to Forest Lakes Elementary School in the Harford County Public Schools system.

The son of two educators, Greenbaum always knew he wanted to work with children. The Detroit native taught elementary school in Harford County, Maryland, after graduating with a B.S. in earth science from Michigan State and a teaching certificate from Eastern Michigan University. After a few years of teaching, he also became interested in working with and supporting teachers.

“I talked with a lot of people in the field who recommended Towson’s master’s program in educational leadership. Once I started the program, with each class I took I became more excited. It reinforced my decision to come here.

My Towson degree is helping me stand out in a competitive field. ”

Zac Greenbaum

Greenbaum says his internship at Red Pump Elementary School in Bel Air, Maryland, provided opportunities to learn from other teachers, work with school data, interview administrators and better understand the county school system.

“I could also go to my adviser and professors for career guidance and field advice. They were always willing to listen and help me.”

What Greenbaum learned in class was immediately applicable in the field. “The program prepares you to bring the school and community together in order to do what’s best for the students.”

“It’s important to be approachable and authentic when engaging with teachers, students, and the community. At Towson, I learned how to learn to deal with challenges and adapt to a constantly changing field.”

Greenbaum says his experiences at Towson also emphasized what’s most important as a leader: “I still have that connection with kids that drew me to teaching in the first place.”