Elizabeth Neville


Elizabeth Neville

Contact Info

Psychology Building, Room 316


Ed.D, Special Education, Johns Hopkins University, 1995

Areas of Expertise

Pre and In-Service Teacher Training, Written Language Acquisition and Remediation, Co-Teaching Practices

Selected Scholarship Activities

Neville, E. & Guidi, T.  (2017). Expanding university and professional development school PDS) partnerships to improve clinical practice. Presentation to the National Association for Professional Development Schools, Washington, D.C.              

Richman, L., Neville, E., Haines, S. (2016). The next generation science standards and UDL: A powerful partnership. Presentation to the UDL-IRN Summit. Baltimore, MD.

Holman, K. & Neville, E. (2014). Engaging professionals and graduate students in interprofessional education and practice to support individuals with ASD. Presentation at the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association Conference. Orlando, FL.

Neville, E. (2013). University/middle school collaboration to successfully develop the school’s special education strategic plan. Presentation at the CED/TED Conference. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Richman, L. & Neville, E. (2013). Preparing co-teaching teams to effectively integrate English language arts common core standards. Presentation at the CED/TED Conference. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Neville, E. K. (2010). Utilizing a school/university partnership to design, present, and support pre-k-12 coursework on differentiated instruction. School-University Partnerships, 4(2), 92-95.