Kim Sels, Ph.D.



Contact Information

Center for the Arts, Room 3103 P
Weekdays by appointment or by hours published on office door.


PhD Art History, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; Dissertation: “Assembling Identity: The Object-Portrait in American Art, 1917-1927”

MA Art History, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; Master’s Thesis: “Arthur Dove’s Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz”, Curatorial Certificate Program

BA Art History and English, George Washington University, Washington, DC (Summa Cum Laude)

Study Abroad, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

Areas of Expertise

Art History (American Art)



Nov 2014  Presenter, Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association, “Misremembering the Visual Culture of the Machine Age”

May 2011  Presenter, Smithsonian Fellows in American Art Lectures, “Identity Disembodied:   Object-Portraits in the Machine Age”

Nov 2010  Presenter, University of St. Thomas Art History Graduate Symposium, Word and Image, “Volkov’s Bastards: Text and Texture”

Oct 2010  Presenter, MAPACA Annual Conference, Symbolic Languages Panel, “Replacing the Subject with the Object: Object-Portraits and Consumer Culture in the 1920s”

Oct 2010  Presenter, SECAC/MACAA Annual Conference, The Art of Assemblage At 50 Panel, “Assemblage Portraits in the Machine Age”

Oct 2010  Presenter, Association of Historians of American Art, Current Research in American Art Symposium, Ph.D. Student Lightning Round

May 2010  Presenter, History of Art Graduate Student Association at the Ohio State University Art of Scandal Conference, “The American Flag in the Protest Art of the late 1960s:   People v. Radich and the Judson Flag Show”

April 2010  Presenter, Material and Imagined Bodies: The Fifth Annual Brown University Graduate Student Conference, “Identity Disembodied: Object-Portraits in the  Machine Age”

March 2010  Presenter, Twentieth Annual Indiana University Art History Association Graduate Student Symposium, “Mirrored Transcendence: Arthur Dove’s Portrait of Alfred   Stieglitz in the Intimate Gallery”

March 2009  Presenter, Warren I. Susman Graduate Student Conference, Rutgers University, “An Assemblage of  Identity: Arthur Dove’s Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz


April 2008   Presenter, Philadelphia Museum of Art Art History Symposium, “Exploring the Object Portrait: Two Americans”


March 2008   Presenter, University of Rhode Island Graduate Student Symposium, “Body, Space, and Place: Arthur Dove’s Portrait of Alfred Stielgitz in the Intimate Gallery”

Oct 2007   Co-organizer, The F-Word: Reclaiming and Redefining Feminism in the Visual Arts, Feminist Art History Symposium, Rutgers University

Feb 2005  Presenter, Graduate Student Symposium, Rutgers University: “Brancusi and Minimalism: Unified Objects”


 2006  Contributor, Soviet Dis-Union: Socialist Realist and Nonconformist Art, Ed. Joan Lee, Minneapolis, MN: The Museum of Russian Art, 2006.

Courses Taught

  • Spring & Fall: ARTH 221 & 222 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART I & II