Rauf Arif

Assistant Professor


Contact Info

Psychology Building, 517


Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Iowa

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests: Social Media & Social Movements; Artificial Intelligence & Communication; Role of Cross-Cultural Communication in Healthcare Sector; Social Media and Relationship Development; Public Diplomacy in Digital Age; International Journalism.


Dr. Rauf Arif is an assistant professor of Mass Communication. He studies social media and digital social movements, cross-cultural media practices, and how information & communication technologies are reshaping the dynamics of human communication. Dr. Arif has recently published a book: “Movements for Change: How Individuals, Social Media, and Al Jazeera Are Changing Pakistan, Egypt, and Tunisia” (Peter Lang Publishing), and is a co-PI on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to promote science journalism among disadvantaged communities. Dr. Arif teaches mass media courses, including digital publishing, mass media & society, international journalism, digital social movements, and Contemporary issues in ICTs. His students have earned numerous recognitions in research and creative activities in the journalism field.