Adam Schwartz


Prof. Adam Schwartz

Contact Info

7800 York Rd. YR 134H


Art & Technology, Goucher College (MFA)
Audio Technology, American University (BS)

Areas of Expertise

Audio production and post-production, sound art, sound design, multimedia art, virtual reality


Adam Schwartz is a sound artist, sound designer, sound mixer and composer who examines the properties of sound and its ability to create and elicit response. His work uses both synthesized and recorded sounds, which are both connected to and independent from visual media. Adam’s work investigates our perception of sound and the ways in which it interacts with the environment. With a background in commercial and industrial audio production, he applies his technical skills to explore sound and video as visceral media. 

Adam has worked on nationally televised shows and commercials including live television for clients including NBC Universal, PBS, Sprout, A&E, Bio, and History Channel. He has also worked in all aspects of audio production for feature documentaries and short films and continues his work on radio and podcast series including EMF’s own Silver Screen Radio which continues to air weekly on WTMD. Adam’s recent scholarship focuses on exploring cinematic sound in virtual reality. His most recent work, CinematicAmbiX was screened by the High Zero Foundation as part of their Red Room (in your room) series. 

Adam joined Towson University's Department of Electronic Media and Film in 2015 after 13 years in the audio production and post-production industry. Since 2002, Adam has held almost every audio production position for television and film. He worked as a sound designer, post-production mixer, dialogue and music editor, composer, voice-over and ADR recordist and editor, and production sound mixer on a wide variety of projects. Adam has a B.S. in Audio Technology from American University and an M.F.A. in Art & Technology from Goucher College.