Elsa Lankford

Associate Professor

Prof. Elsa Lankford

Contact Information

Stephens Annex 126


Goddard College (MFA)
Towson University (MS)
American University (BA)

Areas of Expertise

Audio production, digital audio post production, Festival Director WAMMFest, film/media festivals, diversity in media, interdisciplinary art, sound art, composing


Elsa Lankford is an Associate Professor who teaches audio production and post-production classes in the EMF department. In addition to teaching and developing EMF and interdisciplinary classes, Elsa advises EMF students and am the faculty advisor of the Towson Audio Production Society (TAPS), the audio club which meets weekly. Elsa is the co-founder and chair for the WAMM Festival (Women And Minority in Media Festival) celebrating diversity in media production which is entering its 6th year. Elsa is an interdisciplinary artist who works in multiple media - sound, music, photography, and writing interested urban issues, particularly Baltimore City. Elsa has written published articles on urban soundscapes, created audio documentaries on urban concerns, such as the Highway to Nowhere in West Baltimore, and have mixed and composed music for films and documentaries. Elsa is currently working on writing and pre-production of her own music to be completed in Spring 2014.