Contract Information

A contract is any written agreement, in whatever form and regardless of the title, that creates an obligation on behalf of the university. All contracts must be reviewed for legal concerns before they can be signed on behalf of the university.

All University Contracts

All contracts are subject to the Contract Execution Policy.

Contracts Subject to Office of the General Counsel Review

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) will be the first point of contact for any contract that falls outside the scope of procurement, or grants and sponsored research. 

For example, OGC has exclusive responsibility for contracts related to real property, including the purchase and sale of real estate, leases (whether Towson University is the landlord or tenant), and licenses to use university property. 


  1. Email a copy of the contract to  
  2. Be sure to indicate the individual responsible for negotiating the contract 
  3. Include the date by which the review should be concluded (Please allow at least two weeks for review)
  4. Provide the context for the contract, including any specific questions, problems, or comments that would help OGC staff understand the purpose of the contract. 

Contracts Subject to TU Procurement Review

Your contract may be subject subject to Procurement rules

The Towson University Procurement Department has primary responsibility for other acquisitions of goods and/or services value at $5,000 or more, including compliance, reporting and audit. When you are acquiring goods and/or services, Procurement should be your first point of contract. 

Procurement will also identify instances in which acquisitions of goods/services are exempt from procurement policies and procedures, including: 

  • Contracts for intercollegiate athletics 
  • Certain cultural events
  • Food and housing for conference facilities
  • Resale items (e.g.,. University bookstore stock)
  • Certain curricular materials (e.g. library books and serials)

Form Repository Contracts

If a department is using a form contract for its intended purpose, only adding terms such as date, price, and the name of the other party, OGC need not review the completed form. 

For OGC approved form contracts consult the Forms Repository