Towson University Biodiversity Center

The Towson University Biodiversity Center (TUBC) was created in 2007 to consolidate existing collections under a single unit and is under the direction and funding of the department of Biological Sciences, within the Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics (FCSM) at Towson University. The center is organized around the two largest, most extensive and oldest collections, the botanical and entomological collections. These collections are under the direction of Drs. Roland P. Roberts and John S. LaPolla, respectively.

Many of our graduate and undergraduate students are interested in conservation biology and biodiversity research making the TUBC an invaluable addition to the research environment of the Department and the College. In addition, we envision the TUBC playing an important role in the establishment of a Tropical Studies Program in collaboration with UWI – St. Augustine.

The collections held by the TUBC are unique in their composition and thus may be of interest to local, regional and international researchers.

The TUBC was established to accomplish the following:

  • to preserve existing collections,
  • to acquire additional specimens for research activities,
  • to database specimen information and increase accessibility to all users, and
  • to bolster the use of the collection in teaching at TU and facilitate its use in research projects.

The two major components of the Biodiversity Center are: