Christopher Salice

Professor and Director, Environmental Science & Studies Program


Contact Info

Science Complex 5301A


B.S., Environmental Science
Drexel University

Ph.D., Environmental Toxicology
University of Maryland Baltimore

Areas of Expertise

Applied ecology, ecotoxicology, population dynamics

Research Interests

My research interest is broadly focused on understanding and predicting the effects of anthropogenic activities on ecological systems. My lab uses field research, laboratory studies and mathematical modeling to address problems in applied ecology, conservation and ecotoxicology. A strong focus of current research lies in using bio- and eco-energetic frameworks to understand the effects of environmental toxicants on aquatic systems. A key challenge in managing environmental systems is the disconnect between how data are frequently generated (in the lab, on a single species) and the complexity of systems we want to protect (communities and ecosystems). Our lab is working on using the universal currency of life – energy – as a way to build a mechanistic understanding of anthropogenic stress in an ecological context. Additionally, the lab has had a strong interest in reptile and amphibian ecology and ecotoxicology and future projects will likely involve evaluating impacts of environmental stressors on developing amphibians. Students in the Salice lab will eventually be expected to conduct independent research but are usually trained by working on existing projects within the lab. Students are also encouraged to participate in research conferences and to, ideally, publish their work.

Recent Publications

Kimberly, D.A. and C.J. Salice. 2014. If you could turn back time: Understanding transgenerational latent effects of developmental exposure to environmental contaminants. Environmental Pollution 184:419-425.

Salice, C.J., C.L. Rowe, and K.M. Eisenreich. 2014. Integrative demographic modeling reveals population level impacts of PCB toxicity to juvenile snapping turtles. Environmental Pollution 184:154-160.

Weir, S.M., *K. Wooten, P.N. Smith, and C.J. Salice. 2014. Phthalate ester leachates in aquatic mesocosms: implications for ecotoxicity studies of endocrine disrupting compounds. Chemosphere 103:44-50.

Boone, M.D., C.A. Bishop, L.A. Boswell, R.D. Brodman, J. Burger, C. Davidson, M. Gochfeld, J.T. Hoverman, L.A. Neuman-Lee, R.A. Relyea, J.R. Rohr, C. Salice, R.D. Semlitsch, D. Spartling, and S. Weir. Pesticide regulation amid the influence of industry. Bioscience DOI: 10.1093/biosci/biu138

Luna, T.O., S.C. Plautz, and C.J. Salice. 2015. Chronic effects of 17(alpha)-ethinylestradiol, fluoxetine, and the mixture on individual and population-level endpoints in Daphnia magna. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology DOI: 10.1007/s00244-014-0119-2.