Department of Biological Sciences

Excellent teaching, mentoring, and research opportunities are hallmarks of the rich learning environment in the Department of Biological Sciences.  

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Academic programs in biology prepare students for a range of careers in industry, government, education and research. The biology major is recommended for students interested in botany, zoology, ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, environmental biology or teaching. It’s also an excellent preparation for graduate studies in biology, medicine and dentistry. Find out more about the advantages of studying biology.

In addition to offering a major, minor and master’s in biology, the Department of Biological Sciences participates in the molecular biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics (MB3) and environmental science and studies programs.

What We Offer

The department offers students:

  • small classes taught by accomplished faculty who are dedicated teachers, mentors and researchers
  • state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including laboratories, greenhouses, an herbarium, transmission electron microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophometers, microscopes, physiographs, an infrared gas analyzer and specialized field equipment
  • outdoor spaces for scientific exploration, including the Glen Arboretum—12 acres of woods on campus—and the Field Station—223 wooded acres in northern Baltimore County
  • research and internship opportunities in campus laboratories and at off-campus field and lab sites
  • innovative Towson UTeach program allowing teachers-in-training to complete a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification coursework in four years

Fall 2020 Biology Seminar Series

  • 10/20/2020 at 3:30pm*
    Dr. Elana Ehrlich
    Associate Professor, Towson University Department of Biological Sciences
    Sabbatical Seminar Speaker
    "Comparative proteomics: The KSHV Ubiquitome in latency and reactivation"
  • 11/10/2020 at 3:30pm*
    Dr. Barbara Slusher
    Director, Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Program
    Graduate Student Invited Speaker
    "Where do new medicines come from? The rising role of academia in drug discovery"

  • 11/17/2020 at 3:30pm*
    Dr. Renee Dickie
    Associate Professor, Towson University Department of Biological Sciences
    Sabbatical Seminar Speaker
    "Salamander secrets: regeneration, blood vessels & cancer"

All Fall 2020 Biology seminars will be conducted via Zoom with links to follow.  * Seminar time may vary. 

If you would like to attend, please email



Fall 2020 ASBMB Seminar Schedule

  • 11/6/20 at 5:00pm
    Gokul Muralidhar
    Undergraduate Student
    "Ovarian Cancer and the Grb2 Gene"
  • 11/20/20 at 3:00pm
    Bri'Anna Horne
    Clinical Coordinator/Microbiologist
    "Sewage will Save the World: Bacteriophage as a cure for superbugs"

Seminars will be conducted via Zoom. 


Areas of Study