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Biology majors may qualify for a number of scholarships offered on a competitive basis by the Department of Biological Sciences, the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics, Towson University, and external foundations and agencies. However, before applying students should carefully examine the requirements for each scholarship or award of interest to make sure they meet the qualifications. All scholarships require letters of recommendation from two Towson University faculty. Students are encouraged to contact faculty prior to submitting an application. Applications without letters will not be considered.

The Department of Biological Sciences awards several monetary scholarships a year, on a competitive basis. The monetary value of the scholarships varies from year to year. The specific requirements for each scholarship are listed below. Calls for applications for scholarships appear early in the spring term. Calls for applications for Outstanding Student Awards appear in the spring term. Application materials are available at the Foundation Website.

James Moniodis Scholarship for a Returning Major

This scholarship is named for James Moniodis, a Biology major and member of the TU Gymnastics Team. The scholarship was established by his friends and family following his untimely death in a trampoline accident. Biology majors may apply for this award in the fall of their junior year if they:

  • Have completed at least 8 credit hours of 300 and 400-level elective Biology courses at TU
  • Have at least a 3.3 GPA in Biology coursework and an overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • Have been actively involved in extra-curricular activities for which no academic credit or remuneration was or is being received.

Biology Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by individuals who graduated previously from TU with a degree in Biology and now wish to provide support to current, outstanding Biology majors. Students may apply for this award if they:

  • Have a least a 3.5 GPA in all coursework
  • Have been active in departmental student organizations (e.g., Tri-Beta, Premedical and Predental Student Organization, WIS club)
  • Have conducted research with faculty

Preference is given to students who have completed 8-12 credit hours of 300 and 400-level elective Biology courses.

James Edward Ewig Memorial Scholarship for Academic Achievement by a Senior

This scholarship honors Dr. James Ewig who was a neuroendocrinologist and mammalian physiologist trained at Penn State. He was a faculty member in Biology from 1971 until his unexpected death in 1990. This award is based on the student’s GPA (no minimum GPA is required for application) and letters of recommendation from Biology faculty members. Biology majors may apply for this award if they have completed a least 80 credit hours of coursework at TU.

Lois D. Odell Scholarship for Outstanding Transfer Student

A native of New York state, Lois Odell joined the “Science Department” of the “Maryland State Teacher’s College” (later to become Towson University) in 1947. She taught botany, natural history, and science education, serving the university until her retirement in 1981. Dr. Odell died in 2002. More than one award may be made depending on availability of funds. Students who transferred to TU from a community college or other institution may apply for this award if they:

  • Took at least 55 but not more than 65 credit hours of coursework from another two or four year institution before attending TU;
  • Have a least a 3.2 GPA in all coursework.

Preference is given to students who have completed 8-12 credit hours of 300 and 400-level elective Biology courses.

Mary Scarbrough-Carr Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Biology Department Scholarship Committee to a highly qualified student. Junior or Senior biology major with a GPA of 3.5 or better who has completed 75 or more credits at TU.

Betty Kennedy Dale Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Biology Department Scholarship Committee to a highly qualified student. Completion of the application for one of the previous scholarships will qualify you for consideration.

Dr. Ruth Stocking Lynch Memorial Scholarship for Biology Scholars

This scholarship is awarded by the Biology Department Scholarship Committee to a transfer biology major. Students may apply for this scholarship if they:

  • Will be a junior or senior in Fall 2020
  • Have at least 24 credits at Towson University
  • Have a least 12 credits in Biology at Towson University
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA or higher

Various scholarships are available from Towson University. For further information, students should visit the TU Financial Aid Office (Enrollment Services Bldg, Room 339; 410-704-4236) or peruse their website.

The Fisher College also posts information about Scholarships, Awards and Financial Aid.

 For further questions about Biology scholarships, email us at


Compton Crook Award for Outstanding Junior Biology Major

Criteria: Junior Biology major (completed 56-89 credits at Towson, or one semester for transfer students); 3.0 overall; 3.3 in Biology. Students should have distinguished academic performance, research, and/or service.

Lois D. Odell Award for Outstanding Senior Biology Major

Criteria: Senior Biology major (completed > 89 credits at Towson; 3.0 overall; 3.3 GPA in Biology. Students should have distinguished academic performance, research and/or service.

Carl Henrikson Memorial Award for Academic Achievement by a Junior

Criteria: Biology major; academic achievement based on GPA and faculty letters of recommendation. Minimum 60 credits at Towson.

John David Horst Memorial Awards for Best Undergraduate Research Project (Nomination required by faculty member)


  • a letter of nomination detailing your reasons for nominating the student including a description of the student’s and your contribution to the project, the projects contribution to the field, and the students efforts to disseminate results (i.e., presentations and publications)
  • copies of grant proposals and meeting abstracts authored by the student with details of where the proposals and abstracts were submitted
  •  reprints of any peer reviewed papers resulting from the work. Award winners will receive a plaque at the Annual College Honors Convocation