Harald Beck



M.S. in Zoology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, 1994
Ph.D. University of Miami, Florida, USA, 2002

Areas of Expertise

Mammal-plant Interactions, tropical Ecology
IUCN Chair, Peccary Specialist Group


My research interests include mammal-plant interaction, multi trophic-level interactions, and ecosystem engineering in temperate and tropical ecosystems. Recently, my research focuses on the effects of hyper-abundance of ungulates in the northern hemisphere and defaunation of ungulates in the southern hemisphere. My study sites are located within the Peruvian Amazonas and forests in Maryland.


Reyna-Hurtado, R., H. Beck,  M. Altrichter, C. A. Chapman, T. R. Bonnell, A. Keuroghlian, A. L. J. Desbiez, J. Moreira-Ramirez, G. O’Farrill, J. Fragoso and E. J. Naranjo. 2016. What ecological and anthropogenic factors affect group size in White-lipped peccaries (Tayassu pecari)? Biotropica 48: 246-254.

 Zaharick, J., H. Beck, and V. Beauchamp. 2015. An experimental test of epi- and endozoochory of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi spores by small mammals in a Maryland forest. Northeastern Naturalist 22 :163-177.

Pardonnet, S., H. Beck, P. Milberg, and K-O. Bergman 2013. Effect of tree-fall gaps on fruit-feeding Nymphalid butterfly assemblages in a Peruvian rain forest. Biotropica 45:612–619.

Beck, H., J. Snodgrass and P. Thebpanya 2013. Long-term exclosure of large terrestrial vertebrates: Implications of defaunation for seedling demographics in the Amazon rainforest. Biological Conservation 163:115–121.

Bressette, J. and H. Beck 2013. The effects of high deer density on forest regeneration and carbon sequestration. Environmental Research Journal 1:1-12.

Bressette, J., H. Beck and V. Beauchamp. 2012. Beyond the browse line: Complex cascade effects mediated by white-tailed deer. Oikos 121:1749–1760.


Courses Taught

  • Spring: BIOL 446/546 Tropical Ecology and Conservation
  • Spring: BIOL 484 Seminar in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior