Sarah Haines



Contact Information

Smith Hall, Room No. 315


Areas of Expertise

Science education and environmental education


My research interests lie in the areas of science education, and in particular, environmental education. My focus is in improving preservice and inservice teacher knowledge and training in the area of environmental education, and promoting environmental education and awareness among students in grades K-12.

Recent Publications

Haines, S.A. 2010. Environmental Education & Service Learning in the Tropics: Making Global Connections. Journal of College Science Teaching, 39(3), 16-23.

Haines, S. & Hermann, R. (2011). An Evaluation of the Project Learning Tree Curriculum “Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We Live”. Atlas Journal of Science Education, 1(2), 46-55.

Haines, S. 2011. Pre-service “EdZoocation”: Strengthening Teacher Education with Civic Engagement and Community Partnerships. Journal for Civic Commitment (17), 1-17.

Ghent, C.; Haines, S. & Parmer, G. 2012. An Evaluation of “Forests of the World”, a Project Learning Tree Secondary Module. Research in Higher Education (19), 1-14.

Ghent, C., Trauth-Nare, A., Dell, K., & Haines, S. 2014. The influence of a statewide Green School initiative on student achievement in K-12 classrooms. Journal of Applied Environmental Education. 13(4): 250-260. [DOI 10.1080/1533015X.2014.983658].

Haines. S.  2016.  Feet Wet, Hands Dirty: Engaging Students in Science Teaching and Learning With Stream Investigations.  Journal of College Science Teaching 46(1): 12-17.

Richman, L.; Neville, E.; & Haines, S.  2016.  The Next Generation Science Standards and UDL: A Powerful Partnership.  Conference Proceedings of the 3rd Annual UDL-IRN Summit. 


Courses Taught

BIOL 204 Educational & Career Planning for the Biologist

BIOL 301 Field & Natural Science

BIOL 303 Life Science

BIOL 304 Natural History Interpretation & Public Education

SCIE 376 Science Practicum- Teaching Science in the Elementary School

SCIE 393 Student Teaching Internship in Science

SEMS 370 Project Based Instruction