Sarah Haines



Contact Info

Science Complex, Room 3101K


BS Biology and Animal Behavior, Bucknell University
MS Zoology, University of Georgia
PhD Zoology, University of Georgia
MS Education, Salisbury University

Areas of Expertise

Science education and environmental education


My research interests lie in the areas of science education, and in particular, environmental education. My focus is in improving preservice and inservice teacher knowledge and training in the area of environmental education, and promoting environmental education and awareness among students in grades K-12.

Recent Publications

Haines, S.; Krach, R.M.; Pustaka, A.; Li, Q.; & Richman, L. (2019). The effects of computational thinking professional development on STEM teachers’ perceptions and pedagogical practices. Athens Journal of Sciences,.6(2), 97-122.  

Richman, L.; Haines, S.; & Fello, S.  (2019). Collaborative professional development focused on promoting effective implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.  Science Education International: 30(3), 200-208.  DOI 
Haines, S.; McClure, C. & Johnson, S. (2019).  Teaching Environmental Awareness in Baltimore:  Providing Place Based       Watershed Education to Urban Middle School Students.  Connected Science Learning:

 Li, Q.; Richman, L.; Haines, S.; &. McNary, S. (2020).  Computational thinking in classrooms: A study of  PD for STEM              
 teachers in high-needs schools.  Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology: 45(3), 1-34.
 Lottero-Perdue, P.; Haines, S.; Baronowski, A.; & Kenny, P.  (2020).  Designing a model shoreline: fourth grade students create a habitat for terrapins while reducing erosion.  Science & Children: 57(7), 40-45.  

Haines, S. & McClure, C.  (2020). Preparing preservice teachers using a civic engagement model: the effect of field experience on preservice teacher knowledge, skills, and attitude. Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal; 12(2), 89-103.

Baker, K.; Faulconer, E.; Grundmann, O.; Haines, S.; Hall-Pogar, T.; Kenyon, L.; Meabh-Kelly, S.; Lindeman, P.; Schmaefsky, B.; Timpte, C.; and Wojnowski, D.  (2021). STEM education as a   vital preventive response to a pandemic.  Journal of College Science Teaching; 50(4), 3-4.


Courses Taught

BIOL 204 Educational & Career Planning for the Biologist

BIOL 301 Field & Natural Science

BIOL 303 Life Science

BIOL 304 Natural History Interpretation & Public Education

SCIE 376 Science Practicum- Teaching Science in the Elementary School

SCIE 393 Student Teaching Internship in Science

SEMS 370 Project Based Instruction