Steve Kimble

Clinical Assistant Professor


Contact Information

Smith Hall 283


BS University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2007

MS University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2009

PhD Purdue University, 2012

Areas of Expertise

Molecular ecology, conservation genetics, herpetology


My research interests revolve around the conservation of threatened species, typically reptiles and amphibians. Questions projects I am working on include: what are the dynamics of wildlife diseases as they move through wildlife communities as measured by sympatric populations of eastern box turtles and wood frogs? What genetic resources are available to populations of the threatened crawfish frog? What can population genetics tell us of species that are in decline but are long-lived, such as the eastern box turtle?

Recent Publications

*undergraduate student mentee; **graduate student mentee

  • Willoughby, JR, M Sundaram, B Wijayawardena, MC Lamb,  SJA Kimble, Y Ji, NB Fernandez, JD Antonides, NJ Marra and JA DeWoody. 2017. Biome and migratory behaviour significantly influence vertebrate genetic diversity. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 121(2):446-457.

  • Kimble, SJA, AJ Johnson, RN Williams and JT Hoverman. 2017. A severe Ranavirus outbreak in captive, wild-caught box turtles. EcoHealth. 14(4):810-815.

  • Hernandez-Gomez, O**, SJA Kimble, JT Briggler, RN Williams. 2016. Characterization of the cutaneous bacterial communities of two giant salamander subspecies. Microbial Ecology. 74(3):445-454.

  • Winzeler ME*, RN Williams, SJA Kimble. 2016. Determining the prevalence of ranavirus in green frogs across Indiana. Journal of North American Herpetology. 2016(1):23-26.
  • Kimble SJA, RN Williams, JT Hoverman. 2015. Ranavirus detected in Lithobates clamitansand catesbeianus in Indiana. Herpetological Review. 46(4):532-534.
  • Willoughby JR, M Sundaram, B Wijayawardena, SJA Kimble, Y Ji, NB Fernandez, JD Antonides, MC Lamb, NJ Marra, JA DeWoody. 2015. The reduction of genetic diversity in threatened vertebrates and new recommendations regarding effective population size and IUCN conservation rankings. Biological Conservation. 191:495-503.
  • Kimble SJA, AK Karna**, AJ Johnson, JT Hoverman, RN Williams. 2015. Mosquitoes as a potential vector of ranavirus transmission in terrestrial turtles. EcoHealth. DOI: 12:334-338.
  • LaGrange SM*, SJA Kimble, BJ MacGowan, RN Williams. 2014. Seasonal variance in hematology and blood plasma chemistry values of the timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). Journal of Wildlife Diseases. DOI: 10.7589/2013-10-267.
  • Kimble SJA, OE Rhodes Jr, RN Williams. 2014. Relatedness and other finescale population genetic analyses in the threatened eastern box turtle (Terrapene c. carolina) suggest unexpectedly high vagility with important conservation implications. Conservation Genetics. 15:967-979.
  • Kimble SJA, OE Rhodes Jr, RN Williams. 2014. Unexpectedly low rangewide population genetic structure of the imperiled eastern box turtle Terrapene c. carolina. PLOS ONE. 9:e92274.

Courses Taught

  • Fall:

BIOL309 Genetics

BIOL405 Molecular Ecology, Evolution and Conservation