Vanessa Beauchamp

Associate Professor

Vanessa Beauchamp

Contact Information

Smith Hall, Room No. 215


Ph.D. Plant Biology, Arizona State University
B.S. Biology, University of California, Irvine

Areas of Expertise

Plant community ecology; wetland ecology


The overarching goals of my research program are to test and refine ecological models of succession, identify environmental thresholds involved in plant community change, and elucidate the role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in plant community dynamics. A large part of my research program also involves practical applications related to management, conservation and restoration of plant communities.


Beauchamp, V.B. and J.C. Stromberg. 2008. Changes to herbaceous plant communities on a regulated desert river. River Research and Applications 24:754-770.

Shafroth, P.B., V.B. Beauchamp, M. Briggs, K. Lair, M. Scott and A, Sher.2008. Planning riparian restoration in the context of Tamarix control in western North America. Restoration Ecology 16(1): 97-112.

Beauchamp. V.B and J.C. Stromberg. 2007. Flow regulation of the Verde River, Arizona encourages Tamarix recruitment but has minimal effect on Populus and Salix stand density. Wetlands 27: 381-389.

Courses Taught

  • Spring: BIOL 205 General Botany
  • Spring: BIOL 610 Population and Community Biology