Information Guru

Founder of TU’s information technology major celebrates the program’s 10th anniversary.

Scott Hilberg

The old saying about change being the only constant is apt in the ever-evolving area of information technology.

Just ask Clinical Associate Professor Scott Hilberg ’84, who spent 16 years helping companies like MCI, CitiCorp and T. Rowe Price adapt to the exploding Information Age.

In 2000, Hilberg brought his expertise to TU’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences, spearheading the launch in 2010 of the information technology program, which builds on the department’s strong history offering computer science programs for over three decades.

Ten years later, as IT program director, Hilberg prepares students for this dynamic field with foundational knowledge, the ability to apply that knowledge and the professionalism vital to success in the workplace.

“I spend time making sure students are going to be good employees,” he says. “They must have employable skills, but they also need to know how to use them appropriately and professionally.”

In addition, a robust internship program gives students on-the-job training in regional corporations and government agencies.

To keep the curriculum up to date, adds Hilberg, the department regularly consults with an industry advisory board and hires adjunct faculty who are currently in the field.

Hilberg also directs the information technology program at TU in Northeastern Maryland where graduates from area community colleges can earn a Towson University bachelor’s degree in information technology in two years.

With advisees on both campuses, one of Hilberg’s favorite parts about working for TU is delivered through the tools of his trade — computers.

“I make a lot of connections with students on LinkedIn,” he says. “It’s rewarding to see the progression in their careers after they graduate.”

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