Why Study Computer & Information Science?

Computer and information sciences are critical to innovation in nearly all fields of endeavor and to the operation of practically any business, institution, organization and agency. Simply put, the world works on computers.

Students working in computer lab
Students working in computer lab

Studying computer and information sciences at Towson University will prepare you with the expertise and problem-solving skills required for a variety of high-demand careers.

Alumni work as systems analysts, network and database administrators, computer programmers, security analysts, software developers, software engineers and information officers. Their jobs involve designing and implementing software; devising new ways to use computers; and helping businesses, financial operations, government agencies, healthcare organizations and schools with their technology needs. Others go on to graduate school or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Management of information through computing is ubiquitous, and as technologies and our dependence on them grow, so too do the boundless career possibilities. Learn more about careers in computer and information sciences at the Career Center.


Academic Advantages

  • small classes, state-of-the-art facilities, highly individualized advising and active student clubs
  • research and internship opportunities through partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies and the information technology industry
  • competitive accreditations and designations reflecting high quality academics and faculty expertise
  • location along the Baltimore-Washington corridor with its thriving high-tech industry and government agencies in need of highly skilled professionals


Departmental Presentations (powerpoint)

Department Overview