Joyram Chakraborty


Contact Information



MBA, Marketing (2001) Louisiana Tech University

MS Information Systems (2005) University of Maryland Baltimore County

Ph.D. Information Systems (2009) University of Maryland Baltimore County

Areas of Expertise

Human-Computer Interaction, Game Design, m-Health, Security, Digital Preservation


My research interest lie in the area of human-computer interaction. Specifically, I am interested in user centered design solutions in the areas of internationalization of user interfaces, gaming interface design, m-health, security and digital preservation.  Much of research involves experimenting with human subjects to understand user preferences in the interaction with various types of interfaces. I use several data collection methods such as eye tracking, virtual reality, and survey data to better understand the end user. The findings from these studies typically allow for the development of more user friendly and inclusive software. I collaborate closely with researchers from several fields and institutions, namely IBM Research and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to develop a better understanding of user requirements that can be useful in the design and development of tools for a global audience.  

Selected Publications and Presentations:

Chakraborty, J., Norcio, A.F. VanderVeer, J.J., Andre, C.F., Miller, Z., and Regelsberger, A., “The Human-Computer Interaction of Cross-Cultural Gaming Strategy,” Journal of Educational Technology Systems, Vol. 43, No. 4, 2015.

Chakraborty, J., and N. Chakraborty, “Public Policy and Violence in Video Games” Interactions, Vol. 22, Issue 1, pages 64-67, 2015.

Chakraborty, J., J. Hritz, and J. Dehlinger. "Preliminary Results in the Understanding of Accessibility Challenges in Computer Gaming for the Visually Impaired." Inclusive Designing. Springer International Publishing, 2014. 83-92.

Stewart, O. T., Lubensky D. and J. Chakraborty, “Systems and Methods for Automatically Determining Culture-Based Behavior in Customer Service Interactions,” patent number 8,346,556 and 8,478,594 assigned to T.J. Watson, IBM Research. 2013.

Chakraborty J., Ho, D., and A. F. Norcio. “Computer Supported Collaboration in Health Care”, Proceedings of the Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 4th International Conference, San Francisco, California. 2012.