Mona Tavakolan


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D. Sc., Towson University

Areas of Expertise

Computer Networks, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Design and Development of Database Management Systems


Mona Tavakolan is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Towson University where she teaches a variety of courses covering the topics of computer networks, general computer science, introduction to programming, computers and creativity and telecommunications. Her research interests are in the various issues in Computer Networks, Wireless Networks and Network Performance. She received her D.Sc. degree in Information Technology from Towson University.

Selected Publications and Presentations:

“Identification of low abundance Soybean proteins by 2D Gels”, Tavakolan M, Alkharouf NW, Natarajanb S and Matthews B. Bioinformation 2014; 10(9):599-601.

“SCNProDB: A database for the identification of cyst nematode proteins using 2D Gels”, Natarajanb S, Tavakolana M, Alkharouf NW, Matthews B. Bioinformation. 2014; 10(6): 387–389.

“SoyProDB: A database for the identification of soybean seed proteins”, Tavakolan M, Alkharouf NW, Khan FH, Natarajan S. Bioinformation. 2013; 9(3):165-7, PMID: 23423175 [PubMed] PMCID: PMC3569605.

“An Extensible Model for Improving the Privacy of Web Services”, Tavakolan M, Zarreh M and Azgomi M. Proc. of the Fifth International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (Innovations'08), Al Ain, Emirates, Dec. 16-18, IEEE CS Press 175-179.

“Web Service Discovery Based on Privacy Preferences”, Tavakolan M, Zarreh M and Azgomi M. International Journal of Web Services Practices (IJWSP), Vol.4, ISSN 1738-6535.


Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Network Performance, Network simulations, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

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