CIS faculty are well versed and continue to upgrade their skills and experiences in a wide variety of research areas covering today’s constantly changing computing fields and bring those skills and experiences to your classrooms and laboratories. Listed below is a sampling of the department’s current research areas.

Artificial Intelligence

Faculty experts: Dr. Charles Dierbach, Dr. Robert Hammell, Adam Conover

Bare Machine Computing, Dispersed Operating System Computing

Faculty experts: Dr. Ramesh Karne, Dr. Alexander Wijesinha 
Associated groups/labs: Dispersed Operating System Computing Lab


Faculty experts: Dr. Nadim Alkharouf, Dr. Omar Darwish

Computer Networks

Faculty experts: Dr. Yanggon Kim, Dr. Alexander Wijesinha

Cybersecurity - Computer Security, Network Security, Information Assurance

Faculty experts: Dr. Subrata Acharya, Dr. Aisha Ali-Gombe, Dr. Shiva Azadegan, Dr. Sidd Kaza, Dr. Mike O’Leary, Dr. Blair Taylor, Dr. Alex Wijesinha, Dr. Wei Yu, Dr. Marius Zimand  More information at Cybersecurity@Towson

Computer Simulation

Faculty experts: Dr. Darush Davani

Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing

Faculty experts: Dr. Chao Lu, Dr. Ziying Tang

Data Mining - Web Mining, Text Mining

Faculty experts: Dr. Sidd Kaza, Dr. Yanggon Kim, Dr. Nam Nguyen, Dr. Mike McGuire, Dr. Jini Pak

Learning Sciences

Faculty experts: Dr. Josh Dehlinger, Dr. Sidd Kaza, Dr. Gabriele Meiselwitz,, Dr. Yeong-Tae Song, Dr. Blair Taylor

Human Computer Interaction - Accessibility, Universal Usability

Faculty experts: Dr. Joyram Chakraborty, Dr. Suranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Heidi Feng, Dr. Jonathan Lazar, Dr. Gabriele Meiselwitz, Dr. Kathy Wang

Software Engineering - Requirements Engineering, Automated Testing, Enterprise Architecture

Faculty experts: Dr. Suranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Josh Dehlinger, Dr. Lin Deng, Dr. Sandro Fouche, Dr. Yeong-Tae Song