Career & Internship Support

All Environmental Science and Studies students complete a capstone/applications course; ENVS 485, Environmental Internship, is one option to complete that academic  requirement. The first challenge for this course is obtaining a position that can be used for this course. For a work experience to be appropriate for the internship course, the opportunity must provide for a minimum of 120 hours of work and a supervisor to provide support and direction for the student. It can be a paid or unpaid job in the public or private sector or a volunteer opportunity. Specific questions should be addressed to the internship coordinator. Completing the internship course consists of 1) obtaining the position, 2) gaining approval of the program director, and 3) completing the internship paper. Please refer to ENVS 485 (DOC) for further details.

Career and internship page

Internships are valuable regardless of whether you wish to use the experience to complete the applications course requirement. The following resources will help you to connect with opportunities for internships and jobs. The listings include links to additional information, contact information and closing dates.