Research Opportunities

All Environmental Science and Studies students are required to complete a capstone/applications course. ENVS 482, Environmental Research, is one option to complete this academic requirement. Research can be an excellent way to gain experience and develop skills that translate directly to the workforce and graduate school.

Students doing research

Many Environmental Science and Studies students conduct research with a Towson faculty member. Students can find opportunities by first exploring faculty research interests and then contacting faculty members to see if the have space and time to mentor students. Requirements are up to the faculty mentor but usually involve a paper and/or presentation on the research subject matter.

Importantly, research is not limited to the sciences and many environmental studies students find engaging research opportunities with faculty in Liberal Arts, Health Sciences, or Environmental Education.

Additionally, students may find research opportunities outside of the University with faculty members at other institutions, government agencies, or private firms. In order to make sure a research opportunity will meet the requirements of the program, please prior to engaging in off-campus research activities.

Research is a cornerstone of the environmental field and can be a very rewarding endeavor. Nothing quite compares to the excitement of new discovery!