Course Rotation Scheme

The course rotation scheme is basically a schedule of when certain courses are typically offered. This is helpful in generating your Degree Completion Plan. Importantly, course offerings can change frequently so this is only a guide and is subject to change.

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Course Rotation Scheme

Download the Course Rotation Scheme.

Use the availability of courses by semester to complete your Degree Completion Plan. These are the most common courses students in the ENVS major take. For Core courses, you will have to check the course catalog.

ENVS curriculum requirements [electives aren’t included unless it happens to be required by another track/concentration].  Anticipated course availability based on information provided by the departments and are subject to change.

Code:  x = offered that term
           altx = offered that term but in alternate years
           x? = sometimes taught in this semester

Note: If you see errors or do not see courses that should be here, please inform Ms. Linda Morton ().


Anticipated Offerings of Biology Courses in Coming Semesters