Why Study Environmental Science?

The study of environmental science and studies opens up a variety of possibilities for meaningful careers that are focused on creating a sustainable future.

ENVS students
Many of our classes and seminars focus on local environmental problems from the adjacent urban/suburban area and their impact on the surrounding region and the Chesapeake Bay, but the lessons learned from analyzing these local problems are adaptable to other locales and situations.

As the world population tops 7 billion, the climate continues to change and natural resources are depleted. We face many complicated problems that challenge nature and humanity. The environmental science and studies program at Towson University prepares scientists, policy makers, industry representatives, and citizens to enter a broad range of environmental careers in which they will make a difference.

Environmental science and studies graduates are prepared for graduate school, professional training programs, or positions in business, industry, governmental agencies or nonprofit organizations.


Jobs in environmental science and studies involve:

  • environmental consulting, planning, policy, public outreach, education and toxicology
  • “greening” of business and industry
  • water quality assessment and monitoring
  • ecological restoration
  • fisheries and wetlands management
  • pollution prevention
  • air quality control
  • geographical information systems and mapping

Learn more about careers in environmental science and studies at the Career Center.