Alexei S. Kolesnikov, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of the Applied Mathematics Lab, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

Dr. Alexei S. Kolesnikov

Contact Info

7800 York Road, Room 230


Ph.D., Mathematics
Carnegie Mellon University
B.S. & M.S., Mathematics
Novosibirsk State University

Areas of Expertise

Mathematical Logic
Model Theory

Recent Publications

  • Homology of types in stable theories and the Hurewitz correspondence (with J. Goodrick and B. Kim), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 168 (2017), 1710-1728.
  • Interpolation properties of C1 quadratic splines on hexagonal cells (with L. Allen*, K. Borst*, B. Claiborne*, and K. Pilewski*), Computer Aided Geometric Design 45 (2016), 73-82.
  • Canonical forking in AECs (with W. Boney, R. Grossberg, S. Vasey), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 167 (2016), 590-613.
  • The Hanf number for amalgamation of coloring classes (with C. Lambie-Hanson), Journal of Symbolic Logic 81 (2016), 570-583.
  • Type-amalgamation properties and polygroupoids in stable theories (with J. Goodrick and B. Kim),  Journal of Mathematical Logic 15 (2015), #1550004 (45 pages).
  • Multivariate C1- continuous splines on the Alfeld split of a simplex (with T. Sorokina), Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics 83 (2014), 283-294.

* TU undergraduate student