Hervé Nganguia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Herve Nganguia

Contact Info

7800 York Road, Room 324


Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
M.S., Applied Mathematics
San Diego State University
M.S., Biomedical Engineering
Columbia University
B.S., Engineering Sciences
City University of New York

Areas of Expertise

Differential Equations
Fluid Dynamics
Mathematical Biology & Physics


Dr. Hervé Nganguia completed his undergraduate degree in Engineering Sciences from the College of Staten Island, part of City University of New York.  He went on to receive Master degrees in Biomedical Engineering (Columbia University) and Applied Mathematics (San Diego State University), and his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Following his academic studies, he held postdoctoral positions at NJIT and Santa Clara University.  He is joining Towson University after three years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2018-2021).

Dr. Nganguia's research uses mathematical modeling with differential equations to solve interesting problems in fluid dynamics and mathematical biology.  These problems span a wide range of applications from industrial (investigate the response of droplets to various external stimuli) to medical (explore the use of biological membranes as substance carriers) to biological (epidemiology, neural networks, population dynamics).

Dr. Nganguia views mathematics as a tool that can be used to solve problems in virtually any field.  In teaching, he believes real-world applications are effective  conduits to enhance learning and promote students' engagement.