Sergiy Borodachov, Ph.D.


Dr. Sergiy Borodachov

Contact Info

7800 York Road, Room 332


Ph.D., Mathematics
Vanderbilt University
M.S., Pure Mathematics
Dnepropetrovsk National University

Areas of Expertise

Approximation Theory
Discrete Geometry


Dr. Sergiy Borodachov received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University in 2006 and his Master’s degree in Pure Mathematics from Dnepropetrovsk National University (Ukraine) in 1997. He joined Towson University in the Fall of 2008 after holding a post-doctoral position at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He conducts his research in optimal algorithms of recovery of functions and approximate integration, discrete minimum energy and polarization problems, and fractal analysis. He is the author or a co-author of 33 research publications and close to 100 presentations at research conferences, seminars, and colloquia. Dr. Borodachov is a co-author of the book “Minimal Energy Problems on Rectifiable Sets” which was published by Springer© in 2019.

Recent Publications

  • Polarization problem on a higher-dimensional sphere for a simplex, Discrete & Computational Geometry (2021).
  • Pointwise optimal multivariate spline method for recovery of twice differentiable functions on a simplex, to appear in Journal of Complexity.
  • Discrete Energy on Rectifiable Sets (with D. Hardin and E. Saff), Springer Monographs in Mathematics, 2019.
  • Optimal discrete measures for Riesz potentials (with D. Hardin, A. Reznikov, and E. Saff), Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 370 (2018), 6973-6993.
  • Optimal recovery of three times differentiable functions on a convex polytope inscribed in a sphere, Journal of Approximation Theory 234 (2018), 51-63.