Student Organizations

Most students majoring in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics join the MB3 Student Club. That club will soon become a chapter of the national American Society of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Other clubs MB3 students frequently join include Tri Beta, the Pre-Med, Pre-Dent Club, the Pre-Pharmacy Club and the Women in Science Club.

A MB3 Student works in a lab

The MB3 club/ASBMB Chapter develops and implements career and academic programs including seminars, field trips, service activities and informational sessions. Go to Involved @ Towson to join.

Tri Beta is an Honors society. It sponsors seminars and service activities. 

Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Club and Pre-Pharmacy Clubs are dedicated to helping their members gain admission to the indicated professional school. They sponsor informational seminars and service activities. 

Women in Science: the WIS club is committed to helping women succeed in STEM. The club sponsors informational programs as well as service activities. 

 Go to Involved @ Towson to join these clubs.