Formal Admission to Towson UTeach

While lower level SEMS courses (SEMS 110, SEMS 120, SEMS 130, SEMS 230, SEMS 240, SEMS 250) are open to all students who satisfy course prerequisites, upper level education courses required by Towson UTeach (SCED 460, SCED 461, SEMS 370, SEMS 498, and SEMS 430) are restricted to students who have been formally admitted to the program. 

Towson UTeach students working on a lesson

Registration for the restricted courses requires formal admittance to the program. Students need to plan ahead for course registration by allowing time to obtain official transcripts (see below) and at least 30 days for applications to be reviewed once submitted.

Application requirements

Students who have satisfied the following criteria should submit an application to the Towson UTeach Program:

  • Completion of at least 45 college units; and
  • A 3.00 cumulative GPA for courses counting toward the major, including courses that were transferred from other institutions.

Application Process

  • Towson UTeach accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis.
  • The application process is the same for prospective and current TU students.
  • Please review and follow these application instructions (pdf).

Documents required for application

Electronic/scanned documents are accepted.

  • Transcript from any institution providing transfer credits; and
  • Unofficial TU transcript (current TU students only); and
  • Criminal History Disclosure Form (pdf); and
  • Academic Plan (course plan of study or DCP) signed by your advisor.

Once admitted all students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in education (SEMS and SCED) courses.